Great Book for Boys

A long time ago, somebody asked me if I knew any books out there written for boys which were similar to the ones that American Girl  puts out in their Be Your Best series.  I finally came across one that I really like:

The Boy’s Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up You

It’s marketed bor boys 10 and older.


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Finding your ACE Score
  • Anonymous

    Your blog is awesome, your Mormon Matters and Mormon Stories podcasts are so amazing. Your conclusion in the Abuse and Forgiveness podcast was beautiful. Thank you for everything you do!

    Several times throughout your blog you have said, “Sex should not hurt!” But, my question is: What if I want it to hurt? I feel like the only way I can orgasm is if there is an element of pain involved in sexual intimacy and the rougher the better. I have several issues/questions surrounding this:

    1) As a child I experienced sexual abuse that involved bondage, violence and forced orgasm — does this pain “fetish” somehow mean I liked the abuse? I can see that the two are related but have finally come to a place where I can have sex and keep it separate from old memories/stay mentally present/etc. and the need for pain seems to have evolved from self-punishment driven to truly pleasure-enhancing. Am I a freak for feeling this way?

    2) How does this fit into LDS teachings about how we are supposed to treat our bodies? How does it fit into what is known about normal human sexuality? Is it morally wrong to want this? Is it unhealthy to want this (provided there is no long term damage/serious injury)?

    3) My kind husband feels conflicted and uncomfortable with this and is unwilling to cause me pain but also laments my lack of orgasms. Possible directions I see are to either have a painless, orgasmless sex life; learn how to enjoy sex without pain, but how? and what if I truly do like pain?; or somehow find a way to feel pain that doesn’t make my husband uncomfortable, but, again, how?

    Thank you for any thoughts/insights.

    • Brother Schroeder

      Wow. I would definitely say yours is a complicated matter. You might try to contact Natasha personally through email if you haven’t already. It sounds like an issue that could use some personal counselling from a professional with inside understanding of your beliefs and your husband’s.
      I don’t know how useful the opinions of another member of the Church would be to you and your husband, but I would think a little pain, if done in the spirit of love, would be alright. I’m not sure if you’re talking in the realm of spanking, pinching, biting type of thing or something more serious, but if it doesn’t cause scars (physical for you or emotional for your husband) and you both agree on limits and are doing it together, maybe that would be a good thing to help you out? Again, I would seek professional counsel here from someone like Natasha, because there are physical/emotional factors in play for both you and your husband.
      Perhaps you could explore sexual teasing as a possible start?

  • Anom

    Wish I had had this given to me as a child, or even been taught about myself, puberty, etc. at any age during childhood. More parents need to be doing this. It isn’t icky or whatever. Stop being squeamish and do your job, parents!