Mormon Mental Health Podcast

Mormon Mental Health is up and running!  Please go check it out and let me know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions as to how this can become a rich mental health resource to our Mormon community.

On a side note, I apologize for not having posted more often these past few months.  The holiday season combined with some very serious computer issues (hard drive malfunction as well as back up corruption) have thrown me for a loop.  I hope to be back to regular posting in the next few weeks.

And thanks to all who continue to read, support, challenge, and comment!

  • anon

    I enjoyed the podcast. It is my experience that a lot of the external stress common to the Church experience aggravates and even drives some mental health concerns. I do not think that the current emphases on perfection, worthiness, etc. are constructive… This is not to excuse anyone of “bad” behavior, but when I read the New Testament I am struck that the Savior forgave readily and promoted moving on rather than lengthy self-recrimination, repentance, etc. Consider the example of the woman caught in adultery–no “court of love.” The Savior simply told her to ‘go and sin no more.’ I believe the constant emphasis on sin actually drives its appeal etc. I hope we can move on as a culture in this respect.

  • Tracy

    How about a forum for more discussion. Your comment threads can get pretty long.

  • Carla Wickham

    Wow you were great on explaining the faith today. My heart dropped when they said there would be an expert on the faith talking about it, and usually that means someone who really doesn’t “know” and misrepresents the Church and leads people to believe we are odd balls! The other woman was very fair also, I’m not sure if her name is Thea Butler but I appreciate her comments on the faith.

  • Patty Okeechobee FL

    I have a step daughter who has severe Bipolar disorder along with other mental issues. Because she has gotten worse as she has grown older (she’s 48) she CANNOT live alone. She overdoses on her meds,or doesn’t taken them at all. She gets side tracked and has left pots on the stove etc. Her decisions about male conpanionship have been a disaster in the past. Her father has a heart condition and we’re afraid that is something happens to us she’ll be on the street. We live in FL and have exhausted every avenue state wise in getting her placement in a group home with professionals who can give her the 24hr a day help she needs. So now we’re investigating Church organizations who might have funds to supliment monthly rent for a facility. We live on a fixed income and cannot contribute at all. She tells me that she once went to the Morman Church in FL (I haven’t any idea is that is true). We just need a safe structured enviorment for her so she can stay on track and have a good quality of life once her Dad and I are gone. He has suffered two heart related issues since she has been with us (for 6mos) and I had open heart surgery 8mos ago so stress wise we are at the end of our rope. We need placement NOW!!!! Let me know if you can help, we’d even be willing to place her out of state if necessary.