Postpartum Depression Podcast

I interview “Sarah,” an LDS mother of four who has a history of depression starting in adolescence followed by a serious bout of postpartum depression after the birth of her second child.  She also interviews Jamie Bodily, mother of five and certified doula through toLABOR regarding her experience and knowledge regarding postpartum depression.  Jamie has a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling, a Masters Degree in Human Services from Capella University and her undergraduate degree in Family Science from Brigham Young University.  She initiated, co-wrote, and coordinated a doula program for women in recovery from substance addiction and runs a website called  Other resources discussed in these interviews include:,,, and


Postpartum Depression Within Mormonism Part 1

Postpartum Depression Within Mormonism Part 2

Postpartum Depression Within Mormonism Part 3

  • Richard Taylor

    I also listed to bro ballards talk and the subsequent lessons over last week. There were uplifting but I find myself continually struggling with anxiety and depression and often feel overwhelmed by life in general. I have no doubt about the truthfulness of the gospel but I do have doubts about my role within this life. I’ve been married for over 32 years, mostly good years. I am a faithful member but my depression seems to be focused on a constant unfulfilled sexual desire. Even though my wife and I engage in loving passionate sex it is never enough. I had issues with pornography but that was years ago but it seems as though those thoughts and desires are still present.
    I.m tired of feeling like nervousness and anxiety and the attached depression of feeling trapped and worthless. I’ve tried anti depressants but my doctor told me they don’t work for you. I exercise and eat right, sleep is difficult even with sleeps aids and I’m currently taking lorazepam once a day.
    I want to feel good when I get up, excited about life, ready to take on the world but past events seem to bind me down. I was molested as a child and that still haunts me and drives me toward inappropriate thoughts….I wish it could simply be removed from my head. My grandmother and mother as well as my sister suffer depression but I’m. A male and in charge and really getting near the end of my ability to cope.

    Thanks for listening


  • Andrew

    Hang in there it gets better. I’ve suffered from really bad depression, and I know how mind numbingly bad you can feel, and sometimes I still sink into that hole. But I have a firm testimony that even in those dark times God is there even if i can’t feel him. it i am sure you know all these things already, your probably just exhausted. Depression, sexual anxiety frustration regardless of the reason is very difficult. But I suppose God must have a lot of confidence in how awesome you are to let you cope with such serious things;) anyhow one thing that helps me when I am feeling down is sometimes to think about what I’ve dreamed about doing, and then seeing if any of those ideas get me excited regardless of how silly they can be. Then I go out and try to explore them. Doesn’t always work, but it’s just one coping tool. The other one I have used for sexual anxiety is to talk it over with my wife, and she would have me tell her all my fantasies, desires that I was feeling regardless of how “evil” I thought they were. And then she would go through them all and pick out the good parts of them, the things that showed the traces of Godliness in those fantasies desires, etc. For example if a threesome sounded extremely enticing, she would help me see that it makes sense that it would be very pleasurable, and feel really emotionally fulfilling on a level to feel loved by multiple woman so much that they would want to engage in the activity with me. And then point out that there is nothing wrong with finding the idea enticing, and that what I really wanted was not to sleep with other woman, but to simply feel like I was more loved, or that I could take care of lots of women well. And that if I had that emotional desire fulfilled that I probably wouldn’t really care about the mechanics of how it happened other then that it was done in a righteous way. Essentially it was finding the seeds of goodness in even the darkest of fantasies and focusing, and expanding on those. By the end I would not feel very tempted to have the thoughts because I was focused more on what I really wanted which was to feel something from the experience, not to break gods laws. Often I think depression can leave people feeling emotionally dead, which can be worse then feeling actively sad. You can feel like you lost humanity. Bt I have found if I hang on long enough the sun always shines when I really needed it the most. Now this is hindsight of course, and I hate my depression still sometimes. But I just feel for you, and hope that I could provide some sort of hope. Sorry if I did a bad job at it. Best of luck. Remember depression can make you feel, think, and want to do things that the real you would never do. That’s one way I hold on to sanity. Not an excuse to treat people poorly, just a way I hang on to the real me.