Mindfulness and Sexuality

On this most recent podcast of Mormon Mental Health Natasha Helfer Parker gets a non-Mormon perspective and interviews sex educator, Jennifer “Dr. Jenn” Gunsaullus, Ph.D. on the process of mindfulness and how we can use it to edify our sexual relationships with self and spouse.

Dr. Jenn is a sociologist who works as a sexuality and mindfulness speaker, and a relationship and intimacy counselor. She specializes in helping women, couples, and groups deepen intimacy, strengthen communication, and improve trust and self-expression. Dr. Jenn got her start in the sex and relationship field 19 years ago as a sexual health peer educator at Lehigh University in her home state of Pennsylvania. She now merges her practical training in sexual health and academic training in sociology with her passion for holistic health and mind/body/spirit perspectives.

Mindfulness and Sexuality

Dr. Jenn’s Den

  • Anonymous

    I am 48 and have slight Ed and sometimes have weak urine flow due to an enlarged prostate. recently I tried prostate message alone and found that it has helped increase my urine flow substantially. That said after completing the message I am conflicted because of the orgasmic like feelings including the prostate fluid with erupts from the uretha at completion. I have done it 5 times over a 2-3 month period to improve urine flow but continual to feel conflicted. Is it sinful? I do not do for sexual pleasure…although the feeling is sexual like…orgasmic and I enjoy the feeling when the message results in the flow of prostate fluid. On the one hand i feel it is helps my urine problem and on the other hand I can see how someone might do this for purely sexual gratification. and I only do it as I feel it necessary. Opinion?