Relationship and Sexuality Courses available at discount

Jennifer Finlayson Fife is a colleague whom I esteem greatly.  I have had the opportunity to interview her for a podcast regarding Mormon Female Sexuality as well as present with her regarding the management of successful faith transitions within relational dynamics.  I highly recommend her work and am glad to help her advertise her current offer:

For a limited time, I am offering the 2013 Relationship and Sexuality Courses for LDS Couples at a 20% discount!You can purchase these course recordings (with support materials)  as a wonderful Christmas gift for your spouse or family member. 

Course materials include video recordings of live classes and power point slides (delivered electronically), along with a bound copy of the outlines and assignments that will be mailed to you before Christmas (to be wrapped and put under the tree).  The purchase of both courses provides you with access to more than 20 hours of instruction tailored specifically to an LDS audience, in addition to weekly class assignments that allow you to understand and develop your relationship.  These are very popular courses and a cost-effective way to address marital relational and sexual issues, in the privacy and comfort of your home.  These prices are available until December 20, 2013.
Here are some of the (unsolicited) comments I’ve received from 2013 participants about this course series:
“… I just started listening to the relationship course again.  They are SOOO good!  I have read SEVERAL dozen marriage / relationship books.  Other than John Gottman books, these 2 courses are the best.  I feel they are really giving me something I can do. … Even though I do see some things that I can say “my wife is doing that”, it is REALLY making me think hard about ME and MY role — enough where I am now listening and not even thinking about her, but just about how I have contributed and where I need to change.  I expected that these wouldn’t just be for my wife, but I am surprised at (with your insight and articulation) just how much I am focusing on myself”.  –N.B.  2013 class participant” 

“We’ve been going through your course, and feel we’ve started making much needed changes in our marriage. We so appreciate the tools you’re teaching us to use.” –J.L. 2013 class participant.
Thank you for teaching this class. We had a wonderful experience with both the “Strengthening Your Relationship” and the “Enhancing Sexuality” courses. I found the assignments particularly helpful. Going through them allowed me to process what I learned in the classes and apply it to myself. Doing that helped me identify a lot of things I need to confront to improve my relationship to my own sexuality and my sexual connection with my husband. I feel like I’m leaving the course with tools in my tool box to deal with my avoidance of sex, a problem I now see more clearly.”  —S.R.  2013 class participant.

“Your course is super hard to go through, because I’m not focusing on what my spouse does. For the first time I’m starting to see myself in a more real way and it hurts and is sobering, but it’s also the first time I’ve really felt like  1) know what’s going on, and 2) what I can do about it. Those two conundrums eluded me for many years. 
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us, and for being a real person when training us. I particularly liked that you talked about your contribution when getting ready for church. I’ve never heard a counselor (and I’ve talked to many by myself when I was younger) talk about themselves that way. It was very helpful in allowing me to look at myself in a more honest way, it’s a very compassionate way to lead.”  —J.C. 2013 class participant.
Bless your relationship with the gift of one or both of these courses. 

For more information and to purchase the course recordings and materials, go to

(Please put your mailing address on your paypal purchase so I can mail you a hard copy of the outlines and assignments.)
Merry Christmas,
Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife
* 20 % discount when purchasing both courses
10 % discount when purchasing either course individually.

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  • Anonymous

    My youngest sister and her husband both got new smart phones yesterday for the first time. I had been texting my sister back and forth throughout the evening. While making dinner I received a photo text from my sister. The photo was of an male erection with the text “here it is”. I quickly replied letting them know that they need to be careful with their new phones and deleted the picture. My sister texted me back apologizing. Her husband was using her phone and meant to send the picture to my sister. They are extremely embarrassed. I assured her that the photo was deleted and I wouldn’t tell a soul. I didn’t tell my husband. I don’t want things to be awkward between us. (My sister lived with us since she was 16 and is more then a sister to me and my family, my hubby sees her as a daughter. She is now almost 24 and has been married for almost 3 years).

    I was with my extended family for Christmas Eve, my brother-in-law kept quiet and distant.(And of all the seats my husband choose to sit at the dinner table right across from them). Things with my sister where a little awkward and nothing of the text was brought up at all. This weekend I will be spending 5 days with my siblings in a small family cabin, including my baby sister and her hubby. I have been trying to push back the incident in my mind, but have been thinking about it constantly. I would appreciate any advise offered. Also, I would like to remain anonymous.

  • CM

    Take them both for a walk when you are at the cabin and discuss this situation with them. Let them know that you love them both and you don’t think they did anything wrong and should not be embarrassed by it. You could even joke that after all its not like you have not seen an erect penis before. The fact is that this was meant to be between the two of them and as a married couple there is nothing wrong with that. Its embarrassing that they made a mistake and sent it to you. But really is that such big deal. Just caution them to be a little more careful in the future that it stays between them and does not get sent to the wrong person.
    The best thing you can do for the two of them is model a healthy sexual attitude and not make them feel bad. Help them to understand that you don’t see anything wrong with them being sexually active and adventurous with each other because they are married, and in fact that is something you would encourage them to continue. Encourage them to keep being sexual with each other as that can help them in many ways with their marital relationship. You have the power to model a healthy attitude and relieve them of the embarrassment and yourself too in the process by the way you handle this.