Why is the “sex addiction” diagnosis harmful?

Dr. David Ley was recently interviewed by a reporter about sex addiction and the recent AASECT position statement. I have permission to post the writings he prepared for the interview.  This is an EXCELLENT read! Excellent in helping explain that when we, as sex-positive and certified sex therapists, stand against sex addiction — we are not by any way excusing sexual behavior that harms individuals and/or relationships.  In fact, it’s the opposite.  We stand against sex addiction so that people... Read more

Op-ed by Neuroscientists stating “Fight the New Drug” Misrepresents Science

An incredibly important oped, Anti-porn School Program Misrepresents Science, was published today by the Salt Lake Tribune written by EIGHT neuroscientists debunking the type of “scientific research” support we keep hearing from organizations like “Fight the New Drug” that goes into school/church settings and gives inaccurate and harmful information to our youth and young adults about sexuality. This oped is meant to support the original publication I wrote with some of my Utah sex therapist colleagues back in October, Utah... Read more

I pled guilty to domestic violence & now I’m facing a custody battle…

I am currently facing a pretty difficult custody battle with my soon to be ex-wife. With the holidays coming up, I’m having a lot of anxiety about not being able to see my kids. My wife is trying to get full custody. I think her chances are greatly increased because of a criminal charge that I pled guilty to 3 years ago, that included a domestic violence classification. I know I’ve made mistakes in our marriage, and I have had... Read more

History behind Historic AASECT Position

I was so pleased to see a historical account by Dr. Russell Stambaugh about the development of the AASECT Position on Sex Addiction that was just released last week. He is an esteemed colleague who has a long history in the association and was involved in the process. There are still disagreements within the AASECT membership as to whether or not therapists should be able to receive dual certification (in sex therapy and in sex addiction counseling training) since many see them as... Read more

Book Review: God Told Me to Hate You

I was asked by Patheos to do the following book review: In God Told Me to Hate You: An Evangelical Minister’s Escape from the Clerical Closet, Tom Muzzio describes his journey as an Evangelical Christian convert who became a prominent clergyman but eventually loses his faith due to a combination of facing his homosexual orientation and factors he found hypocritical within his religious community. The memoir is interesting and unique in the shared stories of his atheist upbringing, conversion process... Read more

AASECT Position on Sex and Porn NOT being Addictive

Breaking news in the sex therapy field! “This Statement was sent to the over 2,000 AASECT members this afternoon. It is the first statement of its kind by a national sexuality, mental health, sexual medicine, sexual science or sexuality education national organization in the United States to make a written statement of position on the concept and provision of sexual addiction therapy.” Doug Braun-Harvey (author of Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior) AASECT Position Statement – Sex Addiction Founded in 1967, the... Read more

How are we a “light” to the world?

Most relationships are complicated… not all good… not all bad…  My relationship with my religion and Christian people in general (especially after this election season and some of the trends we saw from the “religious right”) definitely falls into this category. The gospel messages and basic principles are so beautiful, helpful and true. Love one another. Serve one another. Do not fear. Do not judge each other. Charity never faileth. Take care of the poor among you. Be a good... Read more

Count Your Many Blessings

Happier Human Did you know that being grateful actually improves overall well-being?  On this Thanksgiving eve I thought I would remind us of the great research being done in the field of Positive Psychology, where the focus stays centered on how people successfully find contentment and meaning in their lives.  Small things like keeping a gratitude journal, learning how to better accept compliments, and dedicating 10-15 minutes to mindfulness or other forms of spiritual practice can positively impact such things like sleep quality, blood pressure,... Read more

Developing Sexual Well-being

Developing Sexual Well-being Natasha Helfer Parker and Kristin Marie Bennion – two Certified Sex Therapists – will be offering a 3-hour workshop addressing intimacy and sexuality on December 28, 2016 from 6-9 pm. This is sure to be a fun, lighthearted learning experience addressing common issues that come up for couples and individuals. People often hesitate to attend sexuality workshops for fear of being blamed or shamed. We will have none of that!! (insert smiley, winky face) All sexual journeys... Read more

“I am Mormon and Transgender – I Need Your Love”

With the recent surge of harassment and intimidation that has been reported widespread throughout our country this past week since the USA election results… I find this following guest very timely. Transgender people are more than twice as likely to experience some form of physical violence than the general population. Not to mention emotional abuse and other forms of discrimination and bullying. So the fact that Tyler Armstrong, only 14, a member of our church, would choose to share his... Read more