September 18, 2020

This will be a great group/workshop to participate in hosted by my team member, Caron Cordes. So many issues to work through in regards to body image and self-love/acceptance. Join us! JOIN CARON CORDES, MSPSY, EDIT FOR A 6-WEEK ONLINE Body Positivity and Disordered Eating Support Group RECLAIM YOUR TRUE SELF: Letting go of who you should be and loving who you are. Every Thursday for 6 weeks October 1st – November 5th Time: 8-9:30 pm MST via zoom Cost:... Read more

August 7, 2020

I have been working with mixed-faith marriages as an expertise in my practice for over a decade. With so many people in today’s climate having shifts in their religious identities… it often affects spouses and marriage. Where they once shared their religious beliefs and faith traditions, they no longer do. There are few resources to know how to manage this in marriage-positive ways. I am so proud to have come up with a curriculum in partnership with Allan and Kattie... Read more

July 20, 2020

  Natasha Helfer, LCMFT, CST, CSTS can be reached at and runs an online practice, Symmetry Solutions, which focuses on helping families and individuals with faith concerns, sexuality and mental health. She hosts the Mormon Mental Health and Mormon Sex InfoPodcasts, is the current past president of the Mormon Mental Health Association and runs a sex education program, Sex Talk with Natasha. She has over 20 years of experience working with primarily an LDS/Mormon clientele. Read more

July 17, 2020

This guest  post is being shared with the author’s permission.   It has been provided by Allan Mount, Co-Host of the Marriage on a Tightrope Podcast. Opinions shared on this post may or may not completely reflect the positions of The Mormon Therapist Blog and Natasha Helfer. After the episode we did with my (currently serving as Bishop) brother, we received an email asking how my brother welcomes mixed faith couples into his ward. This listener also explained how he (the... Read more

July 14, 2020

This guest post is being shared by and with the permission of Caroline Crocket Brock. Opinions shared on this post may or may not completely reflect the positions of The Mormon Therapist Blog and Natasha Helfer Parker.  I ran a secret FB marriage group for a few years. The group consisted of couples where one spouse had left their shared religion. This might sound benign to you, but leaving this religion also meant facing a doctrine of eternal separation from family–basically an eternal... Read more

July 7, 2020

I needed to hear this again today. So much baggage most of us carry in the word “forgiveness.” Ultimately… forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It’s acceptance. And it’s moving forward. I don’t really use the word forgiveness much anymore… because it’s been so polarized and cheapened… and even used to retraumatize and justify toxic or nonexistent boundaries. But I love the concepts shared here. The One Person Oprah Couldn't Forgive This one important person in Oprah Winfrey's life... Read more

June 30, 2020

Today’s guest post is written by Brittan Messerly.  Opinions shared on guest posts may not completely reflect the positions of the blog’s author. Brittan Messerly is the author of of Mindfully Messy.  She is a lesbian, a Buddhist, and a “Digital Nomad on hiatus” until international travel is safe again. AN OPEN LETTER TO THE LDS CHURCH During the past 3 months of isolation, I’ve been in deep meditative states and intensive therapy sessions. My goal was simple: examine the sources of... Read more

June 26, 2020

Symmetry Solutions Strategies is a 15-30 minutes Q&A/discussion session with a group of Symmetry Solutions providers. We hope to get together most Fridays on Facebook to answer questions, pass along helpful mental health information and provide ways providers at Symmetry Solutions can be of assistance. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us. You can post it as a comment on the Facebook post or you’re always welcome to send a private message on the Symmetry Solutions... Read more

June 15, 2020

As the Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins,  stated… racism [is] a public health emergency. Mental health research corroborates this. As a white-privileged led church… we can no longer pretend racism doesn’t exist. Nor can we pretend we don’t have a role in the ongoing racism that pervades our culture. I hope to see our white church leaders to take much stronger stances in renouncing our racist history. I hope to see our white church leaders to apologize directly... Read more

June 6, 2020

This group, The Black Clinicians,  is a collective of Black medical and mental health clinicians servicing the needs of the Black community and committed to creating healing spaces for all. Please respect their space. I share so that white colleagues and friends (me included) will sit, listen and learn. These are colleagues of mine here in Utah. Black Clinician's Community Support Join the Black Clinicians for a compassionate conversation about mental health in the Black Community. Posted by The Black Clinicians... Read more

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