4 Questions I’m Sick of Hearing As a Muslim Convert

I often get asked questions about my religion and my choice of dress. I also get asked many questions about why I converted to Islam. However, there are some questions in particular that I’m tired of being asked, and I know many Muslim converts who feel the same way. (I am sharing my personal experience and/or that which some other converts have told me about. I do not speak on behalf of all Muslim converts.) 1. “How does your family feel about you… Read more

“Dear Muslim Youth…” | Letters to the Ummah

Dear Muslim youth, You are going through some of the toughest years of your lives right now. I am not many years past your age, so I vividly remember the struggles and want to acknowledge them. Things can get confusing. School, friends, crushes, temptations, family, mental health, and self-esteem issues… I know it can get overwhelming at times. You might feel like nobody understands you, but that’s not true. All of us have been there to some extent, although some… Read more

I Wear a Headscarf & I’m Judged for it Even in the Muslim Community

From time to time, a non-Muslim will ask me if I have been wearing the hijab for most of my life. When I answer that I started wearing it at the age of 20 without telling my parents, and that my mother does not wear the hijab, I see their eyes widen in surprise. My response sparks some curiosity in them; it makes them re-evaluate the stereotypes fed to them by the media. And while it’s great that sharing just… Read more

5 Ways You Can Use Technology to Boost Your Faith

Technology is notorious for its tendency to make people feel insecure, depressed, and disconnected from nature. Most of the time when I go out now, I notice that nearly everyone is staring at their smartphones. (If I’m not doing so myself!) This can affect our connection with one another as well as with God. However, technology can also be a valuable tool in increasing our iman (faith). Here are some ways in which that can be done: 1. Qur’an Websites… Read more

Poem: War

Written by Bariha Why do we keep doing this? This problem we can so easily dismiss An argument twisted into something more What drives us to murder and gore? All the disagreements Aren’t there better alternatives? What can anyone gain from several oh so thousand dead? Dig deeper than the surface But all you saw was red Thousands upon thousands pile on one another Who knows if you had killed your brother? Every ounce of blood All shredded, dunked in… Read more

Salah Is an Act of Love

I was recently at a wedding and there was a lot of talk about wedding vows. Some people who gave speeches reminded the couple to constantly renew their vows and stay true to their promises to each other. For me, this is a reminder that no matter how much love there is between two people, they still need to put effort into the relationship, and the behavior shown towards each other needs to reflect what’s felt inside. Because true love… Read more

These Entrepreneurs Are Making Hajj & Umrah Easier for Americans

I went for Umrah for the first time last year and, unfortunately, I was not as well-prepared as I thought I was. After arriving in Mecca, I realized that I needed to shop for some supplies, which was a major inconvenience because I was there for the purpose of worship. The shops were far from our hotel, and we didn’t find everything we needed because a lot of what was being sold was just souvenirs. InshaAllah whenever I go again next… Read more

This Is What It’s Like to Be a Muslim Adoptive/Foster Parent

(This is part two of a series on adoption. Read part one here.) Growing up, adoption and foster care were foreign concepts to me. They were not common practices in the Muslim community and were not spoken about openly. Alhamdulillah, things are changing; now there are seminars, events, and lectures held for the Muslim community on the topic of adoption. However, the conversation is still largely conceptual. We may talk about the Islamic rulings and the legal technicalities leading up… Read more

“Dear Muslim Converts…” | Letters to the Ummah

Dear Muslim converts, I know that we are not perfect and I want to tell you all to never stop loving yourself. No one is perfect. I know the life we grew up around can be far different than the religion we are practicing now. Still, don’t forget who you are or where you came from. Continue to celebrate holidays with your family, if you are near them. You do not have to believe in those holidays; just do it… Read more

Struggles of an American Muslim Girl

Written by Falak I have had both good and bad experiences as a young Muslim in America. I go to a private Islamic school, so I don’t really get made fun of or bullied about being a Muslim. However, every time my class goes on a field trip to a museum or even a restaurant, people stare at us because we are all wearing hijabs and covering our bodies as part of our school uniform. When we enter a restaurant,… Read more

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