Why I Don’t Believe in Saying “My Islam”

Almost five years ago, I had a transition in my life where I went from being what some might call, “less religious” to “more religious.” During that time, I fell in love with Islam in a way that I never had before. A big reason for that was because I was finally learning to differentiate between my parents’ culture (“back home”) and Islam, and I realized that Islam is infinitely better. I think many people who go through a journey similar… Read more

“Is Allah Punishing Me?”

When going through a difficulty in life, it’s natural for many people to wonder whether God is punishing them. They think it must be due to a sin that they committed in the past, which they haven’t been forgiven for yet, that they are suffering. But according to Islam, we are taught something else entirely: The Messenger of Allah (saws) was asked, “Which people are tested most severely?” He responded (saws), “They are the prophets, then the next best, then… Read more

Why Islamic School Won’t “Protect” Your Kids (& What You Can Do About It)

*Disclaimer: I am not a parent, so I don’t have any parenting experience — I wish to be transparent about this. However, I have (obviously) experienced being a child, and whatever advice I give here is just from that perspective. My readers can take or leave whatever they wish, as with all of my posts, and I know some will choose not to read beyond this disclaimer. But everything written below is with sincere reflection on what I believe would benefit a… Read more

The Most Taboo Topic…

You might call them curse words, bad words, four-letter words, or something else. But the main thing these words have in common is that they’re generally considered offensive and inappropriate, especially in public settings. I’ve noticed, though, that one word is considered so taboo that all of the swear words pale in comparison to it. And even though this word might not be considered a “bad word” by people in such a way that they wouldn’t teach it to their… Read more

6 Easy Ways to Revive Your Faith This Year

The beginning of a new year is usually a time when people make resolutions — promises to themselves of what they’ll change, try, or improve in the year that lies ahead. As Muslims, our primary goal in life is to do what we can to please God and reach Jannah (Paradise) by His mercy. So what better resolution to set than to do what we can to rejuvenate our iman (faith)? But before you start setting some huge goals, keep this… Read more

When All Else Fails…

The panic was starting to settle in, as small flames turned into a blazing fire that engulfed everything in sight. Noah looked around, wondering what else he could possibly try in order to extinguish this inferno. He had already dumped and sprayed water, and used the fire extinguisher until it ran out. What else could he possibly do? Noah decided it was time to just abandon his house and run away before the whole structure collapsed on him, but he… Read more

The Feeling of Christmas as a Muslim Convert

Written by Kaya Gravitter Christmas is a very hard time of the year for me. It’s more difficult than Eid itself, because it is a sad reminder that I will not be celebrating another holiday with my family ever again. People who are not converts do not understand this and they try to tell you how to feel. Only a convert only knows how a convert feels. A Muslim born with a Muslim family cannot tell a convert how to feel… Read more

“Why Is Islam So Backwards?”

Growing up, I usually saw 3 types of reactions when someone in my class got a bad grade on their report card: the student would vow to work harder; he or she would get upset and not really change anything; or they would blame the teacher for their own failure. This last group was an imaginative bunch. They were so resentful about their bad grades that, not only would they blame the teacher for doing a bad job, they would… Read more

You Will Never Be Invisible

At some point in life, it’s normal to feel lonely or abandoned. We have social and emotional needs, and no one can be there for us 24/7, in exactly the way we need them to be. We may feel like we have don’t have anybody to talk to, or anyone who really understands what we’re going through. Some people even leave us without looking back. They’re a chapter called “Abandonment” in the book of our lives. But it looks like in their book, we’re… Read more

When Will We Stop Equating Beauty with Light Skin?

Me and my siblings had just finished swimming, for hours, in the blistering hot Texas sun. We had a blast, and stayed there until we were exhausted. But when I got home, all of that excitement was wiped out in a second. It took just one look in the mirror for me break down into tears, due to the trauma from what I saw… I had tanned. A lot. Growing up, I didn’t understand what really differentiated me from my… Read more

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