Written by Shaykh Omar Husain There are many myths about mental health counseling which are prevalent within the Muslim community. Here are the top 5 that I have noticed: Myth 1: “Mental health care is only for people who are of a White/European background.” There has been a major push towards diversity in counseling over the past several years. When I first entered my counseling program, I was expecting to be taught that we all need to follow Sigmund Freud. Completely… Read more

How do you know if she is the one that you should marry? You should know the answer before you even think about approaching that cute girl or her parents. The fact is that most of us make decisions based on what we call our “heart,” but we’re really making the decisions based on our nafs – our lower self. Our biology and psychology drive us to be attracted to or repelled by a member of the opposite (or sometimes… Read more

I became an artist at the young age of seven. My soul was woven into the fabric of the Massachusetts woods. I was raised in a rural town which is surrounded by forests. People failed me, so I went into the woods; it was where my spirituality was born. I felt very deeply the Oneness of God at an early age. I wanted to celebrate God, and share it with the world. My friends became the woods, the animals and… Read more

Whenever I feel my Imaan (faith) slipping away – and it happens more frequently than I would like to admit – I take a moment to remind myself why I choose to be a Muslim when I could be anybody else. It is, unfortunately, becoming harder to practice Islam in most societies, but I don’t regret my choice. I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. Here are my reasons for choosing Islam: It Answered My Questions For a… Read more

I have my bachelors in English and masters in Elementary Education. Growing up, I found public speaking and oratory to be exhilarating; I loved captivating the audience with my words and persona. To be able to create an image with words and transport the reader or listener into my own imagination was gratifying. I always knew I was meant for a purpose beyond myself. My greatest pleasure was talking and teaching about Islam. I went to an Islamic school when… Read more

Written by Anonymous It breaks my heart to see this new hashtag taking over the internet. It’s like every woman has taken her bandage off to expose an open wound. It’s impossible to ignore, yet I know that for her, ignoring it was never an option. Women carry the pain of these wounds with them throughout their lives. Some start to heal a bit, if they are left alone. Others are cut open again and again until, eventually, they cease… Read more

Pretty much every Muslim girl grows up hearing about the first wife of Prophet Muhammad (saws). She was one of my first role models. Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) was rich yet humble, beautiful yet modest, and high-class yet empathetic. She truly was an ideal woman. True Love Most of us desire a love story like the one between the Prophet (saws) and Khadijah. Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), the youngest wife of the Prophet (saws),… Read more

When your child converts to a new religion, it is a complete life change and may come as a total shock to you. Here is some friendly advice that I have never read about before, and I think this would be very beneficial to parents who are trying to cope with their child converting to Islam. This might also be helpful for any person whose child has converted to a new religion, including Muslim parents. Don’t Tell Them They Are Going to Hell… Read more

Heartbreak is an inevitable part of the human experience and can be one of the toughest things to deal with. Simply picking yourself up and moving on is much easier said than done when you feel broken. What usually helps my aching heart recover is the word of God: the Qur’an. Here are 5 ayahs (verses) of the Qu’ran that even the most shattered heart can find comfort in… 1. “Indeed, with every hardship is ease.” (94:6) This ayah always… Read more

When I first started practicing Islam after my conversion from Christianity, I went straight to the Qur’an for guidance. Sometimes I would listen to nasheeds (songs about Islam) for inspiration, but I never listened to Muslim scholars or imams on YouTube. I was turned off by that idea at first because I knew that if I really wanted to learn about Islam, it must be from the Qur’an itself. I didn’t want to follow religious scholars blindly like I did when I… Read more

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