For my Muslim brothers and sisters in light of recent events:

If you are a Muslim or Muslimah disheartened by recent events in the U.S. and around the world, remember to hold fast to your faith.  If you are facing challenges in your life, hold fast to your faith.  Remember why you embraced Islam in the first place.  Whether you were born into a Muslim family or are a revert, at some point you made a conscious choice to say: Ash-hadu an la illah il Allah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadur RasoolAllah I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, and I bear wi … [Read more...]

Tonight I Pray for Boston and the World

Not much profound to say today.  After this latest outrage, piled on top of oh-so-many outrages here and abroad, I can only pray.  Pray for Allah to bring murderers to justice wherever they are.  Pray for Allah to give comfort to the parents who have to bury a child.  Pray for those who are so misguided that they consider mass murder to be a valid political tool.  My heart goes out to the victims of the bombing in Boston.  My prayers are for all innocent victims here in the U.S. and abroad - the … [Read more...]

When “Bad” Things Happen to Good People

I think every person of faith has struggled with the issue of suffering.  Why do we suffer?  Why must we suffer?  What good is served by suffering?  If you are not currently suffering, if your life is going well and everything is coming up roses, it can seem very condescending to assure others that suffering is meaningful and being patient will be rewarded.  It is even harder when your loved one is in pain, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.  What parent can stand by at ease when a child … [Read more...]

Mom, Dad, Please don’t be pissed off because your kid wants to be Muslim

I'm a revert.  I accepted Islam almost twenty years ago, standing in the front vestibule of the Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City, gently led through my saying of the Shahadah, my declaration of faith, by the Imaam, Adnan Bayazid, while a vacuum cleaner buzzed in the background.  Since then I've never looked back, and Islam is firmly ingrained in my mind and my heart.  I'm one of those "fundamentalist" Muslims.  I dress in long loose clothes, I cover my hair, my husband sports a beard, and I … [Read more...]

There But For the Grace of God Go I

I got a little upset the other day after I wrote a blog post about the Steubenville rape trial.  I wrote a pretty long post.  I felt that I set out my opinion clearly, and I put responsibility where it lay:  The boys should not have raped, the girl should not have been drinking and flirting with guys at a party, and parents should not have been letting their kids running around without supervision.  Go read it; it's the blog post immediately preceding this one.  Don't worry - I'll wait.  I'll sit … [Read more...]

Society Guilty of Rape in Steubenville Case

I don't know how many of you have followed the rape case in Steubenville, Ohio.  The basics of the story are that two high school boys were accused of raping a sixteen year old girl at a party.  This morning they were convicted.  This is graphic so I'm warning you beforehand. The girl was drunk.  Blackout drunk.  Beyond falling-down drunk.  Evidently the young men digitally penetrated her vagina, inserting fingers.  That's more than I wanted to write but that's the essence of the case so it has … [Read more...]

Token Muslim in the Civil Air Patrol?

My son has decided to join the Civil Air Patrol.  I have the membership form ready to go.  Just have to pop it into an envelope with a check for the fee and we'll be on our way. The Civil Air Patrol is a civilian "club" associated with the United States Air Force.  I was in it for a while when I was a teenager.  As a military brat already in ROTC in high school, the addition of CAP to my life was seamless.  It's very militaristic.  Cadets wear uniforms just like the military - blues for dress an … [Read more...]

Being content with what I have

So, we live in a roomy suburban house in Virginia.  We have a big yard, albeit one that has sandy rocky soil that can only support moss and anthills.  One one side we have a small forest.  On the other,  a sloping hollow that gathers leaves and children's toys.  The house needs some work, and this year we may be in a position to be able to do some stuff.  But as we talk about adding on a few bedrooms, I find myself feeling guilty about the size of my house relative to the modest abodes that so ma … [Read more...]

Hmm, Where is that Husband of Mine?

My husband is Arab.  He's Egyptian, to be precise.  He has many good characteristics, but being on time is not one of them.  Over the years he has eaten many meals that were old and cold because he told he he'd be home for dinner at early o'clock and then he actually arrived at half past wife ticked off.  Even calling him to remind him doesn't always work.  I'm sure many of my friends who are married to Arab guys can sympathize.  "I'm five minutes from home" means he is halfway across town.  "I'm … [Read more...]

Are Chicken Livers Too Controversial to Blog About?

So, it's been a while since I've written a blog post. Life has been keeping me busy. Most of my input into the online world has been in the form of quick Facebook status updates. Drive-by posting on the way downstairs to work or in the evenings after the kids are in bed, with guilty stops in during the day when I'm supposed to be doing my ebay stuff. My mind has been full of the trivia of daily life, and I've not been able to really get emotionally connected to a lot of the stories coming across … [Read more...]