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Enough With the Melania-Headscarf Headlines

Why is this a new story? A headline? Something we want people to care about?I'm talking about today's article I'm seeing in various news outlets about how First Lady Melania Trump will not have to wear a headscarf when she accompanies President Trump on his official visit to Saudi Arabia. Or, let me quote to get it right: "Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir was quoted as telling media Thursday that America’s First Lady won’t be required to dress conservatively or tone do … [Read more...]

Our Ramadan Preps are with Autism in Mind

The Ramadan preps are in full force around me -- from the texts, WhatsApp messages and social media posts being passed back and forth sharing certain du’as (prayers), schedules for daily Quran reading, to ways to engage children, crafting and reading projects to help kids connect with the fasting month to advice how to fast safely and break fasts with healthful foods and so much more.Memes on avoiding fried foods upon breaking one’s fast. Advice posts on how to maintain an exercise routine wh … [Read more...]

3 Muslim Reactions Sum Up Feelings Ahead of Trump’s Speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia

"President Trump to give a speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia."That one headline made Muslim Twitter and Facebook come alive with humor, horror, concerns, questions and general befuddlement. Learning hours later that White Adviser Stephen Miller (who harbors noted anti-Muslim viewpoints), who wrote Trump's anti-Muslim travel ban, was penning his speech didn't go over well either. According to Mediaite, The speech will be delivered to leaders of more than 50 Muslim countries that will gather in … [Read more...]

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Risk Taking and Autism Truths

This is Day 30 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 30, 2017. Last post of the series.Dear Readers:A story:The kids’ activities for the day were clear to me when I woke up: H had Islamic Sunday school, D had Open Gym, A had homework and I had plans to do laundry and run a bunch of errands. I had a caregiver coming to help me manage everything, with the kids’ Baba working this weekend. Everything was planned out in my head.Except, there was a vibe coming off of D this morning th … [Read more...]

The Bittersweet

This is Day 29 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 29, 2017Dear Friends,The morning yes was spent at H’s elementary school for field day, volunteering at the frisbee-throwing station. Cute kindergartners, first graders and then second graders came through my station, taking turns throwing the frisbee into a goal. I cheered them on, laughed with them.On the opposite end of the field the tug-of-war battles were happening, as class by class lined up to compete against each other in a … [Read more...]

The Language of Brothers in Autism Land

This is Day 28 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 28, 2017. Our son, nine-year-old H wrote this letter to his 16-year-old brother, D bhai.Dear D Bhai,When I first realized you were different, I didn’t know what Mamma meant when she told me some things about you. I didn’t get it. I realized that you couldn’t talk in our language, but you had one of your own. You do many things that other human beings don’t do, and most of all you liked toys that didn’t seem fun to other people – like … [Read more...]

Marriage, Autism Truths and the Ties that Bind

This is Day 27 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 27, 2017Dear Husband and Collective Spouses,This morning I was talking to my niece – the one who is newly married to a young gentleman who is doing his medical residency. She was telling me about how the challenges of being newly married when one spouse is doing residency and has literally no time to do anything else, (Sounds familiar?) And, I was reminded of a conversation we had a few days ago. Because I remember these things bet … [Read more...]