single malt and freedom

Geez! I’m saying this lots this week, but I’m tired again. I’ve painted a couple of really nice watercolors, if I must say so myself. Check them out and bid if you like (click on “shop” above, and you’ll get there). All that to say that I’m relaxing now with my wife with some single malt and ET television. Commercial right now.

I’m getting increased traffic on my blog and some interesting feedback, all of which I appreciate. Keep it coming. I am becoming more and more convinced that the job of the church is to introduce people to the freedom that is theirs with God in Christ. That is primary and central. It is finished. Now enjoy it. It is good news, not good instructions. Barriers and obstacles and burdens and heavy loads need not apply. Love to all, commercial’s over.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • kari

    Love the thought “the job of the church is to introduce people to the freedom that is theirs with God in Christ…enjoy it.”

    I suppose it would be great news if she (the local church) would/could fully understand, embrace and live in her God given freedom, then what she has may be attractive to others…the possibilities are endless.

    But then again, she would probably not have enough time to do all the very important things like special programming, special meetings, more special meetings, going to the bank to pay the mortgage and other important bills, designing creative ways to help the masses grow and feel valued (but not like mushrooms where one keeps them in the dark and feeds them shit), a few more special meetings and so on.

    Then again, I seem to remember reading somewhere about Christ’s promise that he would build the Church and the Church’s part of the deal was to love Him and everybody else…also something about creating a space for the kingdom of God to advance…basically introducing people to the freedom that is theirs with God in Christ. Sounds like a buy-in for me at least.

  • Yes, but don’t forget the single-malt!

  • sandy

    the single malt- like the teaser subject line- free single malt here!!!
    Freedom is given- we get to choose our own limitations- church or individual.
    wait, which p/art was the commercial and what was the teaser?

  • Dave Kindred

    You guys are funny!!!!!