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Please be patient as I endeavor to get my new blog presentation up and running. It will have a new and frrrrrrrrrresh appearance under the title of “churchpundit: thinking, unthinking and rethinking the church”. Stay tuned. I just started studying another book I’ve been looking forward to reading:
Jim Wallis, God’s Politics. Why The Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It. So far so good! Here’s one excellent quote I wholeheartedly agree with (ya, I read ahead a bit! So what?):

Gay civil and human rights must also be honored, respected and defended for a society to be good and healthy” (p. 331).

Check it out here:


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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • John F

    Ok, well, I’m not biting on this one; I am however, becoming more convinced that you’re purposefully trying to challenge people’s views and attitudes using provocative subjects and/or statements.

    Like a number of things that you’ve put out here, Dave, my heart’s response is to want to just sit and talk, in person, with anyone interested in gay rights and the real issues that surround it, or almost any other of the hot topics with which you challenge your readers. How can anyone really talk meaningfully about something like this, or aetheism, for example, in a forum like this? I honestly can’t see how it can be done. Am I missing the point?

  • John F: We can have coffee any time. In fact, let’s do! And we can talk about these things. But I enjoy, as do others (and I suspect you too) enjoy written discussions as well. I’m not trying to provoke. These are important issues that need to be discussed, I think.

  • jake

    I say provoke away!

    John F! what are the REAL issues that surround homosexuality that you are alluding too? I am tremendously intrigued!

    You say that you can only have meaningful dialogue in person? The written word is not effective? Hmm, interesting…

    I get the sense that you are not comfortable with the certainty of words required to express your opinion. Are you too afraid to offend with your thoughts that you need the comfort of personal dialogue so you can obfuscate your true feelings you go along should they not be favourably received? Do tell.

    Then again, I could be full of shit.

  • sandy

    haha jake, yes, you could be full of shit!

    me, i appreciate the blog-o-sphere, where one’s opinions can be expressed independently, where i can say that gay rights are important without the threat of someone wanting to beat me up for believing that, up close and personal-like. (maybe i am full of chicken shit).

    hey Dave, i like the new look too, especially the pic of the tunnel: to me reminiscent of the scene where Di Spencer found her sorrowful finish, speeding through the tunnel, hoping for the light at the end and finding one of sorts…

    is the light at the end of my tunnel God beckoning me sweetly home, like in an old hymn or a Mack Truck about to smash my brains…

    and, i appreciate your thought provoking comments, very much like fly-fishing it seems, you toss out a line, see who bites, who’s got teeth, who likes to nibble, and who thrashes…

  • Or, if I’ve caught a shark that could eat me alive! I think the tunnel is circular… you just keep going round and round in circles.

  • arnold


  • Smudge

    Hi all,

    This is my first submission to this site – it came highly recommended by Roach.

    I find this discussion interesting; love the quote from the book.

    I’ve said before that it’s been 20 years that children have rights, 40 years that blacks have rights, and less than 100 years that women have rights.

    Gay rights is the issue of a more modern and knowledgeable generation. Each time we discuss such topics we learn more about ourselves and our existance.

    Challenge away David: you’re only encouraging healthy discussion that will help us to better understand our humanity.

  • Thanks Smudge for joining the discussion. I hope we’ll hear more from you in the future.