the senses sustain resistance

Here is a quote that I think is EXTREMELY true:
“Disbelief is more resistant than faith because it is sustained by the senses” (Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Of Love and Other Demons).
I believe as a pastor and teacher that we are often tempted to provide sensational additives in order to captivate people and keep them. Which, I also believe, weakens faith. I’m totally convinced that faith is not at all sustained by the senses, which makes it appear weak, but ultimately isn’t. What do you think? What’s your sense on it?

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  • Fred

    I don’t believe it. Show me that it’s true.

  • I sense you need proof 8) ?

  • Jeff Roach

    How else do you think religion was created? Sensational stories built upon each other until mysteries become supernatural wonders of a known God with a name, a history, and laws. Sounds pretty sensational – in a human sort of way – to me.

  • Brian M

    And yet this faith is called ‘a crutch’ for the weak by the very same critics. Weak when it serves the argument, strong when it serves another.

    Flannery O’Connor said, “It’s harder to believe than not to.” I agree with her. And I agree with what you’ve said David about additives but – and I may be taking ‘senses’ differently than you mean – my faith is pretty experiential. I talk to God and I ‘sense’ he talks back to me. Not a ‘deity within’ kind of thing and not a ‘voice like thunder’ kind of thing, just a sense. I also ‘sense’ God in the poor and hurting that I get to serve and I ‘sense’ God in the operating room when I lead my daughter in counting backwards before the surgeon begins his work.

    I don’t have God in a test tube but “taste and see that God is good.” does mean more to me than just a metaphor – a metaphor certainly, but more than that.

    On another note, your blogging has gotten me to completely violate my commitment to being ‘unplugged’ during my holidays!

  • Brian: hehehe. Glad I’m an addiction for some. Good comment by the way. And I’ll pray for your daughter, who I met, and who has spunk!

  • John

    Brian – your “taste and see that the Lord is good” is an awesome reminder. Thanks!

  • jake

    that is a bullshit quote. Disbelief and faith are different things and the quote misinterprets their meaning. Disbelief is the refusal to believe in the face of evidence. Faith is belief in the complete absence of evidence. Disbelief is not “sustained” by the senses. It exists despite the senses. Faith would presumably be influenced by evidence to the contrary, as now the fact is no longer a question of faith, but one of evidence. If one then decided not to believe, that would be disbelief. So I think this quote is backwards.

    I am so tired of nefarious, euphemistic and meaningless bullshit based on the colourful use of language but without any real thought behind it. Don’t use fancy words to impress. Say what you mean and say it clearly. These kinds of quotes and their analysis don’t impress me, they just piss me off.

  • Jake

    Brian M. — when God talks to you, what does he say? Is God an entity or a feeling?

  • Brian M

    Jake – my experience is that he says all kinds of things and sometimes just sort of ‘nudges’ me. It’s also my experience that he is rarely interested in talking about the same things I am or answering the particular question I’m asking at the moment. Hmmmmm. Maybe I AM crazy…

  • Jake

    sounds like you are talking to Sybil….

  • as in “multiple personalities”?… yes, truly.

  • Fred

    Jake, faith is not belief in the complete absence of evidence. That’s called “blind faith,” with the adjective added for a reason. Nobody should act on blind faith.

  • Although it may be agreed that “Gnosticism” is a name later given to a general, multifaceted movement that became more prominent during the infancy of Christianity, but which grew out of a rich milieu of philosophical development.

  • joni

    Brian, I agree completely.. it seems that when I do hear the Lord speaking to my life it isn’t usually the topic I am specifically seeking Him on. His ways are not my ways… He always knows what is best. Taste and See.. indeed!

  • Richard

    I,m not so sure that faith is not sustained at all by the senses. It was Paul who said we are without excuse, since God has revealed Himself in the things He has created. Once I was given faith I began to see the created in a way that refuted any idea that creation was a product of coincidence or evolution or that somehow a personage started it and then left it to go on it’s own.The wonder of it all. Our ability to see, hear, reason or not on this blog for instances.Is this faith? or fact? When Jesus said He would return and He does,much of this will be silenced. Including me. What changed my disbelief into faith? Have I lost my senses?