11 reasons why Mondays suck for pastors

I will sub-title this “Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down!” Pretty consistently, Mondays are a terrible day for me. As a pastor, it is usually my day off. I get up early, as usual, read my devotions, some theology, and try to pray. I do a bit of blogging and eBay. I get my kids up, prepare lunches and get them off to school. Then, I promptly proceed to sink into a deep hole of despair while Lisa and I have breakfast before she goes to work. People suggest many reasons why this may be true:

1. demonic attack: I just delivered a mighty blow against the enemy forces on Sunday, and Satan counter-attacks on Monday.
2. pride: I delivered a fantastic sermon on Sunday, and no one seemed to notice.
3. shame: I delivered a crappy sermon on Sunday, and everyone seemed to notice.
4. hopelessness: I look forward to a whole week of pushing against an immoveable object (the church).

5. boredom: I have to spend the whole day with myself because no one else will.
6. sexual frustration: I am available all day for sex while Lisa’s not.
7. adrenalin withdrawal: Purely psychosomatic: I was a awash in adrenalin on Sunday and I have none left for Monday.
8. ego-starvation: No one’s around to tell me how wonderful a pastor I am.
9. disappointment: My blog, ebay and offerings stats sank into the troughs on the weekend.
10. revelation: The fact is I’m always depressed, and Monday is the only day I have to slow down enough to realize it.
11. denial: The possibility that there is no god and that I’m involved in an elaborate hoax, gnaws at my conscience.

Okay… either tell me which one you think is right, or add another one.

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  • Nathan

    12. Lack or absence of good-monday-music – there’s plenty for Tuesday afternoon, tons for Friday, and even too much for Saturday…but none for rainy & suckie mondays, yup, there’s no good-monday-music to smooth the soul.

  • Julia

    13. real-job envy

  • Has to be #6. 🙂

  • Richard Mullin

    I think #7 adrenalin withdrawal — you need better coffee to help compensate for Mondays!

  • I second Richard, #7 all the way.

    Too funny 🙂

  • BrianM

    Ha, ha. I’m SO with you! I like #10.

    In your case though, maybe you’re #14. just getting up too freakin’ early on Mondays.

  • Chris

    Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what I have to look forward to. Now I’m a little depressed.:p

  • kari

    Easy fix…make Tuesday your day off. Or, work every day of the week. Even better, take a Sunday or two off and don’t tell anyone beforehand. This last scenario may lead to having everyday off…that too would suck I suspect. It seems that Mondays really do suck for pastors.

  • John

    Man….I feel sorry for Lisa eating breakfast with you!

  • It’s probably #1, but I just heard that Satan is going to start taking Mondays off, too, so you may begin to feel better.

  • John

    I think it is actually #6 after looking at the picture of yourself – as the self made man – in todays blog.

    Now I feel sorry for Lisa, not only having breakfast – but ….

  • R

    hey, wait a cotton-picking minute- I been following this blog long enough… i seem to remember an entry where you said “why I love mondays”… it was art day, relax with espresso day, read something esoteric day, spend some quality time alone day…
    Are you playing with us, being enigmatic and o, what was the other word…uh… obtuse- no…anagramatic? no… i can’t remember…

    i suggest reason #15- because i’m getting old and my memory is shot and i can’t remember why i am so darned happy to have a day off to stare at the river and chillax all day!

    thanks for the laugh! where’s my coffee mug?

  • Okay “R”, you’re right! Which just goes to show that I am probably just crazy. Although back when I wrote that other post, I wasn’t really pastoring like I am now. Your mugs on top of your neck, by the way. (well, actually, the mug you’re referring to is safe and sound inside my house. I’ll get it to you.

  • I don’t think loving Mondays and then hating Mondays is anything strange. The human experience is fraught with inconsistencies and contrasts. Another occassional reason for the Monday blues might be that you just shared your heart/thoughts the day before and perhaps feel vulnerable on an unconscious level. Or maybe that’s just a reflection on my cringing at some things I said Saturday night with you guys and Shane and Alli, LOL! Darn wine!

  • Marilyn

    Well, as funny as some of the others are, I have to vote for #10 but with a dash of #5!

  • heidi: uh… what did you say again? darn wine!

  • sandy- not R really

    If I can remember to sign my name correctly, i could remember to stop by next monday afternoon and pick it up myself (since I joined the new “Monday Check-Up on the Pastor” committee).

  • That’s funny Sandy! I was thinking the same thing, that David needs some coffee buddies scheduled for Mondays, something nice to look forward to. Not necessarily pat-on-the-head treatment, but stimulating human interaction (to match the liquid stimulant – coffee).

  • silverfoot

    i’m loving 10… but i have a cartoon (by Hugh!) up in my desk at school that says, “Cigarettes will kill me one day. Maybe they already have, and I’ve just been too busy to notice…”

    dunno… as to the first comment, crank a little Boom Town Rats: Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays; or New Order: Blue Monday – also the title of a song by Fats Domino; or the Mamas and the Papas: Monday, Monday; or Eric Clapton: Stormy Monday; or even Ry Cooder: On a Monday. i’m gonna totally ignore the Bangles, because he stipulated ‘good’ music… *grin*

    there’s lots of good monday music… but he’s right that one needs to listen to it to soothe one’s soul…

  • Jill

    I’m reading this on a Wednesday, are you fully recovered from Mondays by midweek?

  • You are just TOO funny! I can’t top any of these comments – but we’d have to totally agree with #10 – knowing you and all….:)smile. Tom wants to know if you want us to come visit you next Monday too????

  • Chris

    Dave, It seems that suddenly Mondays are going to be Sunday service II, except at your house!! I believe this falls under the catagory of ‘be careful what you wish for’. hehe

  • You know Dave you could join that alternative Vinyard crowds, take Sundays off and have your service another day. We like Wednesdays. That way if I get really bored on my day off I can always check up on what the other more ‘traditional’ Vineyards are doing. 🙂 I love my job!

  • Julia

    Maybe you should change your “Sabbath” to Saturday…. Then you’d be right where the rest of your congregation is…depressed on Sundays! (Tee hee. Couldn’t resist.)

  • oh ya julia! good one!!