my day so far

This morning I took Lisa to work on my way to the church. She does part-time home-health care for a lady with MS. The kids slept in since there’s no school today. The church was quiet this morning. I was feeling a little lonely when Sandy, one of my leaders, called. She wanted to know if I would be interested in a visit. She brought me a Tim Hortons coffee and one of their breakfast sandwiches (with sausage). Lisa (from Alabama) loves them because they remind her of the South… especially the biscuits. Gotta watch it though cuz they’re fattening!

I’m meditating on Hebrews 12:15 in preparation for the Sunday message:
“see to it that no one falls short of the grace of God, lest a root of bitterness spring up and cause trouble and defile many”. The majority of my experience in church life has been people watching to make sure that we follow certain rules and regulations. I’m thinking about how we can watch to see that people live by grace, not under the burden of the law! Free ourselves and others. The result of not living in grace is to live in bitterness because neither I nor anyone else can measure up to the demands of the law.

Lisa is at home now getting an American thanksgiving ready for supper, turkey and all. I’m waiting for a computer guy to deliver a wireless card for the church computer so we can do digital projections during worship. Then I’m going home to celebrate thanksgiving. After that, we’re coming to the church tonight for an intercession meeting. I’m tired, but it’ll be worth it.

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  • Hey Dave Did the wireless card make it? and the garage is on if you aren’t worn out from praying