Cut Through the Crap!

The CEO, Kathryn, in Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, says,

I think my biggest strength, at least the strength that will have the biggest impact on our success, is my ability to see through fluffy, superfluous information and cut to the point that matters. I have a way of eliminating unnecessary details and getting to the heart of an issue, and that should save us a lot of time.

The pic is taken from Mark Hemmings’ unique fine-art photo-studies of maniquins.

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  • Brianmpei

    I’ve always found that knowing the heart of the issue is only about 10% of saving a lot of time. The rest is leading everyone else on the team to discover the issue themselves and then finding inspiration for the team that we can actually do something about it.

    – reading from home today-