Some Weekends Can Suck!

This weekend sucked for me. In so many ways. I normally dread meetings, and my dreads were realized. Don’t get me wrong… I like the relational part. It’s just the meeting part. Then we had a run-in with our teenagers again. AARRGGHH!! The only high point was being alone with Lisa, Chapters, and Starbucks. I’ll tell you more later today, but right now I have to go to church and pretend to know what I’m talking about, and that I have my life together and you need to get yours together too!

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  • hannah

    hey sorry i didnt make it today….i was feeling awful.
    lets still do lunch.

  • Frank Emanuel

    I’ll be praying for ya David. BTW I had a crazy week last week so I didn’t get through to Josh, but I did leave him a quick message. Once I get Monday out f the way I’ll be golden.

  • Brianmpei

    Interesting, I can’t wait to hear more…

  • joni

    I love you. I so appreciate who you are and that there are no layers to get through to see the heart of who you are. Keeping it real.. authentically standing before the Lord as you allow Him to use you as an example to those around you. When you are weak He is strong .. and when you step back He steps forward. He looks amazing through your eyes and your life. Yep I see His beauty!! Grace!