new Sophia drawing “Escape”

Sophia makes her escape. While her male captures are playing games she uses their distraction and the darkness of night to slip through a hole she’s found under the straw in her cell.

I had this image in a dream many years ago. I knew then it was powerfully important so I sketched it out. Finally I drew the finished product. I know the Sophia series means a great deal to so many women. But it is important for me because Sophia symbolizes my own soul and its journey towards freedom and independence. A freedom and independence I’m just learning and beginning to enjoy now.

This image, “Escape”, follows the previous image in the story, “Trapped”.

Acquire the original drawing of “Escape”.

Buy a fine art limited edition print of “Escape”.

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  • wow. you should put all these sophia prints into a self-published book (e.g.

  • that’s my plan vanessa. 10 more to go before i have my desired 52 images.

  • I’m looking forward to it!

  • Mary

    another very powerful image

  • KatR

    I’ll absolutely get that book.

  • i’d better get right on it then katr!

  • HeatherJ

    Can relate to this picture. My interpretation my not be what was intended but I see it as –
    Escaping for survival!! Chilling but all so true. It’s very scary and sad to have to make that choice to put your life at risk to survive. But, I believe, the human instinct and will to do just that, survive and outwit ‘her’ demons. In doing so it will bring ‘her’ to a place of heightened awareness of the world by living through this and getting past this suffering and build within ‘her’ greater inner strength.

  • that works heather 🙂

  • Pat Pope

    Kind of describes my leaving my last church. While those in charge went on with their plans, I took my leave, noticed by some, ignored by others.

  • love it!

  • Sophia is escaping in a way that is unexpected and unknown to her captors.

    Some of the rest of the story is that her captors do not consider her a captive. To them, her cell is where she belongs. She is housed and fed. She should take pride and be grateful for her cell.

    When Sophia escapes, she is leaving behing much more than her cell. Outside her cell, Sophia will discover a life that is much more than what her captors could imagine – because they too are captives living in a cell.

  • (sigh)

    …she is leaving behind…

  • Pat Pope

    Well said, Doug.

  • yvette assem

    She realized her escape was there all along…. Within!

  • Betsy Schenck

    WOW….David…….This is so powerful…….The metaphor is so strong, and has so many meanings………..

  • HeatherJ

    Like how you were able to describe that Doug Sloan..yep can totally get the ‘ a life that is much more than her captors could imagine- because they too are captors living in a cell’

    Incredibly thought provoking drawings David. you have a true talent 🙂

  • thanks heatherj

  • Very dramatic and emotionally provocative piece. Beautiful series, David.