“caught” finds a good home

sophia caught in adultery

I’m pleased to announce that this original drawing, “caught”, has sold and has found a home in California. I incorporated this drawing into my Sophia series. I’m always happy when an original sells. They aren’t cheap, and so it means someone loves it so much they are willing to make a commitment and invest in an original piece. It means a lot to me. Thank you!

Several of my original Sophia’s have sold, and every time I carry them to the post office to ship out I feel a bit of sadness. The compensation is they are going to good homes. It also means that another person besides me identifies with this intriguing young woman named Sophia.

Sophia continues to inspire me. She represents, without a doubt, my own soul’s journey towards independence and wholeness. She stands for the determination and courage it takes for me to walk my own path with confidence and joy.

I absolutely know she will find what she’s looking for, because she’s already discovering that the finding is in the seeking.

You can acquire you own Sophia originals and prints HERE. You can buy a print of “caught” HERE.

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  • Seth

    A print already hangs on my wall in Cali. I’m glad someone purchased the original – such an intriguing story and an amazing piece of art. A lot of questions surround the story in John that I believe inspired your piece.

    Thanks, NP!

  • Justice is not about condemnation, punishment, or revenge.

    Justice is about being repaired, rehabilitated, and restored – getting a second chance.

    That is the lesson of this story.