prayer from the cell: maybe

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  • Sabio Lantz

    Many of David’s drawings address the fact that many people do not seeing God’s actions or hear God’s voice. I am not really clear on what David feels about this Divine Silence issue, but when I was a Christian, I experienced something similar perhaps which, for me, led first to Christian mysticism (Merton, etc) and out of general Christian theology and then into a cross-religious mysticism (Kabir, etc…) and then to something much simpler but equally profound for me that had nothing to do with gods, spirits, miracles or voices. No longer did voices, miracles, answers or salvation matter. This cartoon is either sincerely persistently asking for a voice or is sarcastic about that infantile desire. I am not sure.

    Some readers here may claim to have seen miracles and heard God’s voice. Some feel that we have to carefully define “voice” and “miracle” to get it right. Others feel miracles are perhaps all around us. Some feel the terms are fundamentally mistaken. But I couldn’t remember David’s prose on this issue of Divine Silence, so for fun, I looked some up. He seems to be evolving and changing on this issue — but as always, he is nakedly honest:

    5/27/12: “I have listended long and have never heard your voice. But it is perfect because the Silence is full. Everything has been said without anything being spoken.” (here)

    1/10/12: His “Unanswered Prayer” drawing. (here)

    5/29/11: “Thank God for unanswered prayer.” Is there any other kind? (here)

    5/9/11: Waiting for a Miracle. Skeleton in prayer position. (here)

    5/5/11: ” I decided some time ago that I must wake up from my naiveté, relinquish my denial and admit the sobering reality of the deafening silence of God if I desire wisdom at all.”(here)

    5/9/10: “I’ve Never Seen a Miracle! Having said that, I believe in miracle. I believe that there is wonder and beauty and the divine all the time. I live in miracle. What we call a miracle is the intersection of God’s activity and our perception of it. ….. (here)

    1/16/9: All in a Name: (why God won’t answer prayer) (here)