God versus Science

god versus science cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
(original cartoon $100; print $25; click on image to contact David)

This cartoon was inspired by Neil Tyson’s famous quote:

“God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance that’s getting smaller and smaller and smaller as time goes on.”

You know he said this in response to the naive statement believers often make:

“You can’t understand it- God did it.”

I agree with Tyson: using belief as an excuse for ignorance is a dying maneuver. Hiding from the rising tide of scientific discovery behind faith is doomed.

Actually this cartoon represents the false because dualistic worldview. It believes in a god that is a separate entity rather than The All in all. With this mindset the concept of God and science will always be in competition for our allegiance.

There is no separation, distinction or conflict. Reality is reality is reality. Truth is truth is truth. Reality rules. Truth rules.

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  • Science is awesome!

    But it cannot tell us why, or who. And how is still iffy at this point.

    It can only tell us God’s thoughts, after Him.

  • Kris

    Science can tell us why and how something happens.

    Why and how a person develops diabetes – the pancreas does not secrete insulin/tissues don’t respond and glucose levels increase in the blood and damage tissues.

    Why and how smoking causes lung cancer-carcinogens from the smoke damage DNA of the lungs. The DNA damage builds up and checkpoints that repair or kill damage cells are impaired. Carcinogenesis begins.

    There are plenty of examples of “how and why” being explained by science. What I want to know is why Christians who reject science will push for their brain dead relative to be kept on a ventilator, a medical device (i.e. Science), why are the most religious states the ones where the most people use antidepressants? (http://www.alternet.org/belief/when-god-not-enough-religious-states-have-highest-rates-anti-depressant-use) Pharmacology is another area of science.

  • Janet

    There is nothing about that excludes faith. After all, even scriptures tell us we should “prove all things”. Thinking and discerning truth is a legitimate part of being a believer. In fact it is required. So some people believe that God made a world a mere 6000 years old, which for all purposes appears to be Billions of years old. Explain to me why I should believe such utter nonsense.

  • This cartoon clearly illustrates the relationship between Science and Religion from an atheistic perspective. First, they misconstrue the history of Science and Religion. Next, they divide between Science and Religion. Then, they exalt Science to the most relevant point and reduce Religion (God) to the most irrelevant point. Finally, they market their new “Slyence” as a convincing Religion of truth and order, which by chance exploded and evolved from the No-God of random nothingness.

  • Gary


    Do you then believe that science and Theism are incompatible?

  • “The basic error of modern science–it professes to know more than it knows. In reality it can find only material and formal, or instrumental, causes, but in its ignorance it imagines that it has found efficient and final causes. It is this attitude which is behind the “scientific” assertion that diseases cannot be caused by devils because they are caused by germs, or that God cannot answer prayers for rain because rain is the result of the interaction of complicated meteorological factors. Man, with his reason, can only deal with phenomena, and he ought to be conscious of the limitations which this places on all his investigations.
    …Since reason cannot truly know God, and since God is the only true efficient cause, and God’s will is the only true final cause, therefore reason can never go beyond material and instrumental causes. Consequently reason can never know anything correctly.”

    It reminds me also of Peter Nagel’s new book “Mind and Cosmos”, heresy to some biologists and philosophers, and discussed this weekend in the National Post, where he brings in “consciousness” , which seems to be the highest thing, yet completely ignored.

  • Gun Nordström

    If God is the word for the source of everything, then we cannot separate God from sience either. I think sience is our consciousness trying to find out what the cosmic laws are and how they work.

    In the following I want to tell you about an event that took place in the beginning of the nineteenseventies. I had been brought up in an evangelical home, where pastors and priests often were night guests. They often were discussing and even arguing about “right dogmas”. In our village we had two different sects, one that pointed out the importance of deeds in our lifes and the other
    preaching grace alone. They seldom visited the meetings of one another. On the upper classes in the school I found they were just like protestants and catolics, fighting about who of them were right. I was never an active Christian in another way than I said my prayer every night. I loved being out in the forrests alone fishing and collecting berries an mushrooms. I was over 35 before I became interested in questions about life. I knew that the dogmas of the church was not for me. I got involved in discussion groups and was half a year in a yoga group. One late evening when I came home after having discussed life problems with my best friend, I was very eagerly wishing to know more of what life was all about. I went to sleep with this burning wish in my heart. Before waking up in he morning I had a vivid dream about my husbond´s sister sitting in a chair depressed with all kind of sorrows. In my dream I went to her and hugged her with all the love I could bring forth. In that state of great love I woke up and there stood a bright angel in the door to our bedroom .” It’s cold”, she said coming toward my bed. I had automatically lifted up my arms to her and thought I would get something cold on my hands but instead there came some warm, sweet electromagnetic stream from her that went through my whole body. At the same time i felt like I was getting massage around my knees, my shoulders and my head. “Repeat after me” the angel said.”Men should all the time during this journey say: Let up, let up.” She had been walking in but suddenly she vanished where she stood beside my bed. After about ten minutes my husbond came in from milking the cows. “It´s very cold today” he said. “It’s 30 degrees C.”
    The following night I had the most interesting things happening to me. When going from awaken state to sleep, I experienced being out of my body and going through some tunnel and suddenly out of the tunnel I was in the middle of a vehicle (I have afterwards found out that it´s called the merkaba) and travelling through the space with my astral body in a high speed. Suddenly I was in a place where there was an incredible peace and I was one with all there was and I knew all there was to knew. At shcool I had been interested in Einstein´s equations but had not understood all of them. Now when it occured to me to ask more about them,I was the questions and the answers at the same time. It is almost impossible to put inio words or to wholly describe what took place. In the morning I remembered a lot of things that had “happened” but I uncounsciously understood that it was not “time” yet for me to remember very much. The most important was the knowing and understanding that ALL IS in an existing ONENESS from which we are able to separate as unic units.. When I was coming back to our bedroom I saw myself sleeping in my bed before my astral body entered my material body.
    The future evolution of religion (from latin and means “link together again”) and science will show that these two will also come together as one and the same issue.