feminists are socialist lesbian divorcee witches who kill children

pat robertson cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Geez you can’t make this stuff up! Well, Pat Robertson can and does. What he actually said in the New York Times was:

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Yep. He said that. He said it a while ago but he still believes it. He didn’t actually use the word “idiot” but if you read between the lines, it’s there.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Al Cruise

    The scary part here is that these so called leaders, are allowed to control the conversation about all things spiritual. The new ones taking over are even more scary. They know the few hot button issues to push, to convince, [or at least keep silent] the general public that they are all about the “good” of society.

  • klhayes

    True….they can control how others are defined but those that are labeled try to take control of the conversation and they scream “religious persecution!”

  • Cathy Jayne Snyder

    One of the two of us has more than a few screws loose!

  • Michael

    Pat Robertson should seek help, starting on the shrink’s couch. It’s never too late! I wonder if he does the daily examen and what conclusions he comes to? Does he have anything similar to say about gay men – I don’t read or listen to his crap, but just wondering?

  • Michael

    I meant to add: I wonder what he thinks of Alan Chambers?
    Continuing to love your blog David – prayers and blessings. M.

  • Michael

    A few? The man has a whole shed full loose. Very sad!

  • thanks michael

  • Michael

    You are welcome David. I rise early, and occasionally I wake the rest of the house – including the cat – with hysterical laughter at your terrific cartoons and comments. This also reminds me that every Christian should learn to laugh at themselves, and I wonder if Pat R knows how to do that. Somehow I doubt it. Just a thought.

  • i doubt it too 🙂

  • Alice

    It is too late for him. I would say that he needs to check into a mental health home for the elderly, but that would be a serious insult to them.

    Regarding what Robertson has to say about gay men, pretty much every worn-out negative stereotype ever invented. There are way too many different articles to link to. He was creative with one insult though: supporting gay marriage is like being a member of the Illuminati.

  • Alice

    Screws? What screws? They flew off decades ago.

  • Alice

    Well, that settles the question of whether it’s possible to parody the guy.

  • Michael

    Charity sister, charity! I’m beating my chest!

  • Tony Molony

    Yes! FINALLY Somebody stud up to this anti-men, anti-familly, evil movement…
    the devil deceived eve and now is deceiving eve again!
    I wrote a similar article 15 years ago about this movement and how they are taking all men’s wrights in the name of equalities…
    well God created adam a man first, when God saw him board all alone then he created Eve from Adam’s bone to be his Companion !
    So from the beginning God the creator did not created man equal to woman…
    But I am against man who abuse his power over woman and treat her like a slave!
    The Bible said that the man is the head of the woman like Jesus is the head of the church! Period
    So that will show you that this movement = to satanic and lesbian anti-men evil movement and anti-family…

  • Caryn LeMur

    Tony Molony:

    Nice satire and parody. Loved the misspelling of ‘wrights’… I laughed and laughed… yes, the women are stealing the Wright Brothers inventions…

    And your misspelling of ‘board’… yes, Adam was probably hitting himself with a 2 by 4, until Eve was created to help the poor fool.

    And your abuse of the verbs ‘abuse’ and ‘treat’ in the Southern style of speech, with the hint of ‘slavery’. Very clever.

    Thank you again for the parody. You do have the gift of showing a fool as a fool, indeed.

    Blessings! Caryn

  • Caryn LeMur

    I would like to offer that he is a brother in Christ, and most likely bi-polar. During the manic highs, my bi-polar friend will speak in sweeping and generalized terms, and be very confident… and perhaps, very believable.
    It is a shame that the Board of Directors has not moved Pat into a position wherein his public remarks are subject to good Christ-like accountability and review. He is certainly allowed his opinion, but the Board needs to distinguish the private Pat from the public leader Pat.
    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • Tony Molony

    are you a feminist Caryn?
    if you are, that mean that you are either a lesbian or anti-family or anti-men…and deffinatly your mind is twisted…

    Pat is 100% right, I agree with him…

  • HAHAHAHAHA I can’t wait for this one.

  • Gary

    Caryn this is outstanding. Absolutely loved this response!

    Unfortunately it looks like Tony may be for real and as such the brilliance of your post will be totally wasted on him. But not on me…thanks for the chuckle!

  • Tony Molony

    Gary, r u married? if yes, who is the head of ur house? do u now Gary that ur wife can take ur house, ur kids, ur money and even ur cloths!!! and she can throw u out on the street naked with nothing…

    this is what happened to my friend..where his wife turn out to be a lesbian bitch! she married him just to steal his money and to live in his own house with her other bitch lover! unfortunately the law is with women against men! is this equality??? no this is what the feminist agenda is…is to take everything from men…which is called stealing!!!

    my friend paid for everything including the house, the 2 cars, her cloths…and she never worked, while her husband was working she was with her lover in his bed!!! and she did not put a Pennie toward anything, but she took everything because the judge was another evil feminist !
    Do u like that to happen to u guys???

  • Gary

    Tony…Either you are simply trolling for laughs or you are the best evidence for the idiocy of Pat Robertson one can imagine.

    My guess is you are a troll as your grammar and spelling are just too dumbed down, scripted even. However, somebody keeps old Pat on the air so…

  • Randy

    Well actually in the first genesis account, men and women are created at the same time. “So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them. ” And in real life, male and female evolved together, about 2.5 billion years ago.

  • dapowellii

    Pat knows exactly what he is doing: laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Tony Molony

    u did not answer me, why r u running away from the truth Gary???
    just admit that if ur wife met a new lover, her lawyer can makeup a good case against u and that she can throw u out on the street with not even a pot to piss in…because the law is on her side, and the law always makes men look like a monster!

    Admit that the law should change, because men have no rights anymore!!! just be a man and admit it Gary!!!

    don’t be afraid of what ur wife will think about u…

    men r afraid of

    PS: English is not my primary language, but I am an american citizen and a good tax payer!

  • Tony Molony

    Randy, remember the Bible said that God created Adam and after He created Eve from Adam.

    Man is the head of woman like Jesus is the head of the Church!

    that mean that man have to love and respect his wife more then himself, but he still the head of his household

    but these days I see it everywhere I go that man is afraid of his woman and running after her like he is going to lose everything! and she became the boss of the house because the law is on her side and she knows it!!!

    when a society loses the manhood then will become all wimps and homosexuality will grow faster and faster…

    God created man to be the leader, but the devil again is deceiving Eve and telling her that she is better then her man…u see feminist hidden agendas r not for equality anymore but to be better then men and to crush manhood and husbands…
    History is repeating herself again when the devil deceived Eve to eat from the forbidden apple tree that she will become equal to God.
    Not only she became equal but now feminist movements r aiming toward putting down men and stepping on him and they became lovers with each other women with women…
    Feminist got everything so no need for men…and don’t need to become pregnant …and go threw pregnancy…and God help us from these hidden evil feminist agendas!
    in the beginning women needed to vote, that was a good cause but now they became evil Feminists…
    Samething these days, the devil again deceived Eve that she can be equal to man…and look what happened!!! divorces are all over the place, kids growing up with no love from their parents, growing up and learning from killing games, no mercy, no forgiveness, no Love from their both parents…
    God help us in Jesus Name!

  • Tony Molony

    r u a Christian Pastor?
    Sorry because I don’t know much about u!

  • Gary

    Yup…definitely a troll. No one acts this much like an idiot.

  • Tony Molony

    I am not a troll but u guys don’t want to hear the truth and u call people who r trying to help u idiots???

    This is exactly what Jesus meant by saying:” they have eyes but they don’t see and they have ears but they don’t hear…”

    God Bless u!

  • Gary

    You did not come in here trying to “help” anybody. You were deliberately insulting and looking for a fight. You can take your out of context proof texting insults and your condescending mock blessings and stick em where the sun don’t shine!!

  • Tony Molony

    no, my cousin posted this article on his Facebook, and I was giving my honest opinion, but u guys start making fun of my accent and making stupid comments, so who was trying to pick a fight? and I told you about what happened with my friend Mark! it is a true story…but u guys did not want to listen!
    Sorry and God Bless u all in Jesus Name!

  • Shawn W. Nippard

    Pat has opinions alright…& he should keep them to himself! I’ve read some hateful things from this religious nut bar! For some reason (like most religious folk) he ignores the mountains of evidence…ongoing discoveries & rational sensibility of science & evolution! Instead he (religious folk) looks at the natural world & interprets it with superstition & silly stories that make 0% sense to the rational free thinking mind! All religions are ancient man made bullshit that caters to the gullible & naive! I highly suggest religious folk read their bible book from back to front (like I have) instead of cherry picking the good & leaving out the bad! & the bad outweighs the good in most bible books on the planet! Religion needs only one thing…ERADICATION! The world would be a much better place without superstition (religion) brainwashing the population! I was taught to question everything…& I have! I still question everything! That’s the beauty of science & expanding the knowledge of the human mind! Religion limits the knowledge of things because religious leaders tell their followers not to question their faith! Sad! Power to the rational free thinking mind! & peace to the human race! Any questions??

  • Alice

    Anyone can claim to be a Christian. The Bible says we will know false teachers by their fruit. What good fruit has he ever shown?

  • Reiki Path

    Pat Robertson may soon manage to do something amazing, and that is to make the late Falwell look sane in comparison to him.