Why Miley Cyrus Matters

why miley cyrus matters cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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When it comes to human nature, some consider me wildly optimistic while others revile me as morbidly pessimistic. When it comes to people, I consider myself a realist: we are capable of great good; we are also capable of inestimable evil.

Miley Cyrus continues to be demonized while Robin Thicke is beatified.

When I posted this popular cartoon last week, “The Public Stoning of Miley Cyrus”, the comments confirmed to me that sexism, misogyny and rape-culture is alive and well on planet earth. I repeatedly insisted that the drawing and article were not about Miley Cyrus’ performance but about our reaction to it. The issues around her performance itself were not my focus. This is about us! So it was disappointing to receive so many comments bent on turning the light back on her.

Another of my popular posts, “Why I Wouldn’t Attend Pastor Steepek’s Church” churned up most comments rabidly supporting the use of shame to motivate members of churches to do good. I naively assumed that when people realized that shame was the primary tool used by that pastor to get his church to do what he wanted them to do, they would reject it as not only inappropriate, but damaging. Nope!

These further confirmed my suspicions of human nature:

  1. People are going to believe what they want to believe. No matter how convincing an argument is, it usually doesn’t matter. The brain is the strongest fortress in the world and it cannot be taken from the outside. It has to be taken from the inside. We ourselves must change our own minds. Few of us do.
  2. Everything matters. When people lamented that the important news about Syria was overshadowed by unimportant Miley Cyrus, I saw it as a moment to learn that the way we treat one person is the way we treat every person. I believe our attitudes about Cyrus predict our attitudes about Syria and the world. Like my post about shame revealed, if we have weapons that will help us achieve something we perceive as good, we will use them. If we believe we can use it, I believe we will use it.

When Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who was shot by the Taliban for promoting education for girls, we rightly interpreted this as an indicator of the Taliban’s attitudes about its role in the world and its attitudes about us. How they treated this girl is how they would treat us.

The same principal applies to ourselves. The way we treat Miley Cyrus is the way we would treat nations. If we feel we have the right to stamp out what we believe is evil in one young woman, we will feel we have the right to stamp out what we believe is evil half way around the globe. If we believe we have the right to think we are better than Cyrus because we don’t do this or that, we will believe we are better than other nations or cultures or races because of what we believe are our superior differences. How we do one thing is how we do everything. How we love her is how we love them. My heart is the single source of all my actions.

Our response to Cyrus and our response to Syria are two simultaneously presenting symptoms. But like any decent doctor would do, we should suspect these two symptoms are related and investigate to see if there exists one deeper malaise as their common cause. To consider the apparent shallowness of our culture as unrelated to the apparent importance of our politics lacks the necessary self-awareness that could save us, our world and our planet. Our culture is our politics!

Miley Cyrus matters because everything matters.

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  • quickshot

    People have every right to be outraged about this: it was a calculated decision for press. And it worked!

    I am also 1000000% shocked that Thicke is barely mentioned in the outrage. A glaring double-standard in my opinion. The message we are sending to our youngsters is clear: women are here for the pleasure of men…..kind of like pets.

  • Great thoughts, David!
    Good stuff to ponder, and you are so right with the thought that… “People are going to believe what they want to believe.”

  • Liza

    I agree. I never made the connection until you pointed it out. I don’t like the way Miley is being demonized and I don’t like how America tends to get too involved in other countries as if we are more superior just because they do things differently.

  • thanks janet!!!!! 🙂

  • dougmullin

    Miley did her job, brilliantly. She drew attention to a TV performance that I wouldn’t have watched and that we’re still talking about. I was barely aware of it taking place until the “controversy.” I take more issue with the song that was sung.

  • Religion is used as an amplifier for both good and bad. If you see something that you don’t like and want to more effectively control it, what better way than to demonize it by associating it with some idea of ultimate evil. Call Miley some evil little thing or some countries part of an Axis of Evil. See something that you like that you want to more effectively control and re-enforce, then claim it is Godly and in line with what God wants. This elevating things to cosmic proportions (either Godly or satanic) is effective but also gets us in trouble. We then tend to over-react. We shun our own people, go to war with others, and establish unhealthy power dynamics. Indeed, the hardest thing is to decide not to use a tool at our disposal.

  • Anette Venter

    Brilliantly said. We believe we are right and therefore better than anyone who acts or believe different. And since we are right, good and care so much, we have the right and responsible to fix the wrongdoers. Conveniently forgetting all the mistakes we make ourselves.

  • Indeed everything matters. You’ve made some good points here.

  • The truth is, we have a problem with overt displays of female sexuality, especially from women who were once Disney stars, Hanna Montana, etc. I heard Thicke’s song before on another TV show. The song is quite erotic. No one said a word about his performance. It is only when Miley Cyrus added the physical demonstration of the words that people got upset. It seems quite hypocritical to me.

    BTW, I like Thicke’s song and I found Cyrus’s dancing erotic, funny, and a clear statement that Hanna Montana is dead. She follows a path many others, like Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears, have traveled.

    Christians need to stop all their self-righteous bitching.


  • JT.

    Hi David
    Good to see you are as relevant as ever. 😉
    I don’t much like voting as there are few out there who reflect my values. Maybe that is why I didn’t much have an opinion on what Miley Cyrus did. Like politicians though, she is great at getting our attention with mindless drivel. 🙂

  • Steve

    Maybe people talked about Miley’s role more because she starred the whole performance, and Thicke’s role was fairly brief. But what little I have heard about Thicke amounts to “wow, what a douche” so I’m not sure at all how he’s being “beatified”.

    There are many valid points to make about rape in our society (I refuse to use the term “rape culture” because it is a buzz word that reeks of over-intellectualizing and making abstract a very concrete and human issue). This is not one of them.

  • Steve

    If you actually found any of that remotely erotic, there is something legitimately wrong with you. Even without a moral or religious lens, the dance was extremely unappealing and, well, disgusting for so many different reasons. It was a giant train wreck from every perspective.

  • Classy Christy

    Every female performer recently turns to extremely provocative clothing and cheap dance moves to get attention.
    Intelligent people see it for what it is. DESPERATION.
    The truly sad thing is that Disney stars are quickly and clumsily segwaying into trashy/trampy cliche roles. Kids were in the audience. But apparently media/business/our govt has no interest in protecting our children and families from trash and porn.
    Miley Cyrus looked like an idiot. If she intended to “shock”… She succeeded.
    If she intended to impress or gain admiration, she failed miserably.
    She lacks talent.
    The simple fact is, her stupid and predictable performance will be forgotten about once the next FEMALE finds a way to take more clothing off and do something raunchier.
    She said Madonna did it…Madonna never started out with 4 year old fans.
    She also didnt masturbate on stage with a foam finger and rub her ass into a mans crotch in front of an all age audience.
    I have a serious problem with feminists who are anti slut shaming.
    We should be slut shaming. Women and men should be held to the same standards sexually.
    I agree with that.
    But to be a feminist and to say its ok for a girl/woman to prance around like a moron displaying her body like a piece of meat for money and attention —–is DISGUSTING.
    Little girls saw that show. Pre teen girls saw it. Do feminists think its ok to teach that the value a woman has is on her body and the ability to display it?????
    I think there is a fine line.
    Anti slut shaming has no boundaries. Apparently a woman can display her sexual organs any time and it should just be OK.
    Really? Why don’t we teach women to carry themselves confidently in less trashy clothing. To find value in other areas of life
    Until then its all Britney and Rihanna and Miley Twerking like f’ing ,morons.

  • Maybe the problem is that you DIDN’T find it erotic. 🙂 That train runs both ways, friend.

    You have taken your own preferences and made a moral judgment about me. While I do not have a religious lens, being an atheist, I do have moral and ethical values. Yes, they differ from yours. Welcome to the human race.

  • Classy Christy

    You assume only Christians were bothered by that trash?
    Something tells me that if it was an attractive male performer doing the same thing, you wouldn’t be as hung ho.
    Something also tells me that she could have had been swallowing phallic objects while Twerking and tweaking with sparklers hanging out of her nether regions and you’d be giddy with delight!!

    Women are reduced to the sum of their breasts,legs, and ass in our culture.
    It’s why we have so many talent free naked idiots saturating our television screens and radio waves.

    When people say they were intrigued by a 20 year old girl making a fool out of herself and being a sad spectacle of pure objectification, I have to wonder about them.

  • Guest

    You’re right about on thing though Brucey.
    Hannah Montana is dead. Her 8 year old fans aren’t though. They’re watching her Twerking her rear end into some guys crotch.

  • Only if their parents are letting them watch MTV.

  • I am heterosexual, so no I wouldn’t have viewed a male in the same way.

    This blog primarily attracts a Christian audience, thus my comment about self-righteous Christians.

    Cyrus is an adult. She is free to act as she wishes. If people don’t like it they are free to turn off the TV or stop attending her concerts. But, her critics didn’t do that did they? No, they sat there and watched her dance. The off button or channel change button was only a click away. And if they looked it up on YouTube or a news site, no one forced them to do so.

    Yes, women can be objectivized, but an adult woman willingly doing what Cyrus did is not objectivication.

  • Steve

    No… no there is nothing wrong with me not finding it erotic. It is possible to be both lewd and erotic. There are tons of things that are both of those. That was lewd and non-erotic. That was, to paraphrase the colloquial of today, a “boner-killer”. There is nothing erotic about performing a striptease themed about children’s stuffed animals, or pretending to eat out a woman’s rear end. You don’t need morals to find that disgusting, and you are the first person on the entire internet that I have found who actually found that erotic. Morals aside, that is creepy.

    I wasn’t making a necessarily moral judgement about you. It could have been a psychological one. But there must be something wrong with someone to actually find that attractive.

    And like I said, my point doesn’t even have much, or really anything, to do with morals or ethics. It has to due with the fact that you said that that was erotic, when it was as erotic as a pile of dog crap. That is not right.

  • You most certainly are making a moral judgment about Cyrus and my view of her dance. At least own what you are doing. We all make moral judgments.

    Thinking a dance is erotic does not make a person immoral, creepy, or anything else, for that matter. We are all quite subjective in our determinations of what is moral. Take pornography. There are countless categories of pornography that I find disgusting. However, other people might not find it disgusting. Generally, I am quite indifferent to what consenting adults do sexually. I may find certain acts and behaviors distasteful or disgusting,but I pass no judgment on those who think differently.

  • Steve

    Again, it’s not necessarily a moral judgement. I mean it could be (hey, you keep bringing it up, even when I’m putting it to the side), the only point is that -something- is clearly wrong with you. It could be merely psychological (hopefully). I do not know. But something, who knows what, but something, is clearly not right with the individual that finds that erotic.

    And just as I would find someone who finds dog crap erotic to be wrong in some way, I also find anyone who thinks that dance was erotic is wrong in some way.

  • On what basis do you determine that something is clearly wrong with me? Since you do not know me and all you have to makes a judgment on is a handful of words, what is the objective criteria you are using to make such a judgment? Let’s see if there is a moral component to your judgment.

  • Classy Christy

    So adult women don’t get objectified? You might need to research that topic a bit more.

  • I am not saying that. However, in Cyrus’s case there is no objectification. Objectification can take places in many different ways. A person who works in a factory can be objectified by their employer who sees them as a number, as a means to an end. However, not all employers do this.

    I don’t know what more I can say on this subject, so I will leave it at that.

  • Christians and their obsession with sex are the greatest marketers. They are such suckers. Over and over again they bring attention to trivia and marketers know exactly which buttons to push to get attention for their new star. No one died from what Miley did. If Christians would get as upset about violence in this world as they do sex, we might have a much safer place to live.

  • Classy Christy

    And I think saying because some one is an adult….that they can act as they wish is LUDACRIS.
    You don’t have carte blanche to do whatever you want just because you’re over 18. Give me a break.

    Our society is so sickeningly pornified and women are very much reduced to sexual objects for male pleasure with other attributes seen as an afterthought.

    You’re a man and so all you do is take in the delight of the booby candy store and fight to defend it because the world might end if they took tits and ass and put it back where it belongs…in porn.

    When you say change the channel, I have to laugh.
    Some people would like to watch tv/movies and not have to deal with blatant and perverse sexuality.

    Personally, I enjoy sexuality in small doses in tv/movies when it’s relevant and when the woman isn’t seen as an object rather than as the other half of a whole to the scene. Where man and woman are equal and we can appreciate the passion and natural chemistry between them.
    It’s getting to a point where good writing/music/scripting is being replaced by boob. Ass. Legs. Gyration.

    I’m almost more bothered by the fact that the presence of these expected cliches are an insult to humanity’s intelligence.

    I’m just starting to wonder if the masses have any left.

  • Classy Christy

    I 100% agree. Message received. Women are here for men’s pleasure. And then we are to be discarded when we no longer fit society’s “ideal of beauty”

  • Classy Christy

    So there weren’t any kids at the VMAS?

    And we all know parents are 100% in control of what their kids watch (sarcasm alert!)

  • Classy Christy

    Really well put.

  • Classy Christy

    You said that thinking a dance is erotic can never be immoral or creepy?

    Miley was combining very puerile, childlike components with extremely lude sexual acts.

    It combined two things that shouldn’t go together. Ever.

    Who generally would you associate with teddy bears? Children perhaps? And cartoon mouses?

    I think you’re simplifying it a bit too much, by saying it was just a dance.

    Critics watched it, because it was like a bad car wreck. I’m sure you’ve heard that analogy.

    And I’m going to be quite frank…in responding to the porn connoisseur/many flavors of erotica.

    As a human being….I certainly reserve the right to be utterly mortified/grossed out by some ones choice in horrifyingly frightening perverse porn.
    If some one likes something I find raunchy it’s my absolute and utter gut reaction to be appalled. And I stand by that. Just as its apparently anyone’s right to watch whatever insane amalgamation of shockingly arousing material the industry can dream up.

    Porn in general has never worked for me. I find it cheap and voyeuristic and I’m not quite sure why people wouldn’t rather be with another person.
    I also have a problem with some one telling me what I should find sexy, thus leading to the atrophy of my own unique sexual imagination.

  • Classy Christy

    This is a case of BLATANT objectification.

    I don’t think you completely understand what it means to be made an object of.

    She has opened herself up to, applauded, and participated in her own objectification.
    The people who watched her saw her as an object.

    (There have been studies very recently that show when women and men are shown a photo of a man—they see him as a whole. When shown a photo of a woman, the same group saw the woman in parts. Breasts, stomach,buttocks…it’s an interesting study and really quite telling)

    Miley Cyrus
    perpetuated the idea that women/girls are gyrating, tongue hanging, scantily clad, booby bouncing nincompoops. Here for male pleasure!

    Perhaps because you have never been an attractive woman, you don’t understand how dangerous it is to be objectified. How uncomfortable it can be to be glared at and surveyed

    You might not be aware of how many women are groped, abused, attacked, and leered at each day…

    Or comprehend how it feels to be a professional woman and be spoken to like a little girl by a male peer.

    This is in LARGE part due to the consequences of rampant female objectification. Due to the perpetuation of the myth that our value lies mostly in our ability to cause a male erection and to shock and awe with our provocative wardrobe choices. We must keep up with the Kardashians rather than the Jones’

    What kind of world will it be when my daughters are grown?

    You had
    said that she wanted to disassociate herself with Hannah Montana. She could have absolutely done that in a much more respectable and impressive,even constructive fashion; by becoming politically active, volunteering,philanthropy…she could have even gotten her phD.
    That would have taken her miles from the child star status. Instead she donned an unflattering shiny bra and undies and gyrated her rear end into some guys crotch and rubbed herself with a foam finger.

    I don’t simply blame her either. I blame her manager, her mother, and a host of other people who let her go forward with that disaster. I also obviously feel she shares a big slice of the blame pie.

    I also have to say that on one hand people are saying she’s only 20 and to leave her be….but then why are we also saying in the same breath…she’s an adult, it was an adult performance. Which is it?

    Is this an age where we are impermeable to backlash for our actions? I missed that at 20.

    Anyways I really don’t mean to single you out. There are obviously varying opinions. I just don’t agree with yours.

  • Steve: it is not our right to judge what is erotic to another person. Speaking of trains, I knew a person who found trains erotic because apparently they are a great place to have sex.

  • Steve

    Holy crap, I keep saying that there is not necessarily a moral component, but you keep bringing it right back up. I’ll tell you something, at first, I really didn’t think it was moral much, but I’m starting to suspect that it might be, because you keep bringing it up over and over again.

    “Now, sir, we need to ask a few questions as to what hap-”
    “I didn’t poison him, officer”
    “Sir, I didn’t bring up poison-”

    That is how you sound right now.

    My criteria is that the performance was objectively disgusting. Upon viewing the video, I remembered the words of the great philosopher and poet, Samuel Leroy Jackson: “This is some fucked up repugnant shit”. Finding that performance erotic is like finding dog manure erotic. You like stripteases themed off of children’s stuffed animals? There is something wrong with that, and I did not say it was moral, but I do not know anymore, because you keep insisting that it is.

  • Steve

    I most certainly can do just that. I have a fore brain, which allows me to communicate all kinds of abstract ideas.

  • I keep insisting that you are making a moral judgment because you are. As soon as you say OBJECTIVELY disgusting then you are making a moral judgment based on some sort of OBJECTIVE standard, be it the Bible, or some personal moral code you live by. We ALL do this.

    You have your opinion and I have mine. You have decided to make this personal and have determined that there is something wrong or creepy because I did not view Cyrus’s dance the same way you did. Evidently, you are unable to see that two people can look at that same thing and come to different conclusions.

    I have said all I can possibly say on this matter, so I won’t be responding further.

  • I didn’t tell anyone what they should find sexy. If you read my brief comment you surely know this. My point is…the reaction to my comment is based on subjectivity that varies from person to person. If it is based on objectivity then I expect the person making such a claim to point to the objective standard by which this judgment is made.

    All of us have things and behaviors we think is creepy or is something we find distasteful. However, when someone says a person or a behavior is immoral, I want to to know what the objective standard is for making that judgment.

    In most cases, charges of immorality or morality are based on a person’s interpretation of a religious text, namely the Bible. I am not a Christian, so I reject the notion that the Bible is a moral guideline for me. In fact, I think the Bible promotes Puritanical views on sexuality that are quite repressive.

    Yes, we all have a right to respond to things as we wish. However, several commenters decided to make it quite personal with me, making moral judgments about me that they are in no position to make. In doing so, they totally missed what David was writing about in this post.

    As I said in another comment, I have said all I can possibly say on this matter.

  • If they are not then they should be. Sorry, raised six kids. We knew how to control the TV set.

  • As a former Evangelical pastor of 25 years, I think what lies at the heart of what Cyrus did is here rejection of Fundamentalist Christianity. This is her way of say F*&* all of you. We saw the same behavior from people like Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears. Both of these women were raised in Fundamentalist religious environments. Instead of being taught a healthy sexual ethos, they were likely taught repressive sexual values.

    At the end of the day, Cyrus is an adult. She chose to do what she did. While I certainly believe women can be objectified, I don’t think this was the case with Cyrus. As a married man of 35 years, with two grown daughters, I am well aware of the problems they face from certain types of men.

    Again, I don’t think there is anything more that I can say.

  • quickshot

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Christy.

  • Steve

    I was making a judgement of objectives aesthetics, not of objective morality. Apparently you are incapable of distinguishing between the two.

    Aesthetics =/= morality

    It was not a moral standard, it was an aesthetic standard. Why you conflate the two baffles me.

  • I was also wondering if Miley’s performance was really about saying FU to fundamental Christianity as apposed to just trying to grab media attention in a climate where it is hard to “one-up” people like Lady GaGa. Her performance did seem to be carefully crafted to push all the fundamentalist buttons:
    1. hair cut short with little devil knobs.
    2. wearing little girl clothes while doing a provocative dance
    3. female expressing aggressive sexuality
    4. specifically bending over in “doggy style”
    5. sticking tongue out like a dog (animal)
    It is like she sat down and tried to think of everything she could do to get the evangelical community all riled up in arms and then proceeded to do it. If this was her intention, she succeeded quite well.

  • Well, let me make one more run at this. You made statements about aesthetics. Fine. A normal human response to something they have seen. BUT, you then, based on aesthetics, made a qualitative moral judgment about me personally (creepy, something wrong with me, emotionally wrong) based on a difference of how we viewed Cyrus’s performance.

    Keep in mind we are a number of comments into this and this is the first time you mentioned this was an aesthetic judgment. If it is JUST about aesthetics then why is my aesthetic view wrong? Sooner or later Steve you are going to have to admit you made a moral judgment. That is all I want to get you to see. If it really is JUST an aesthetic judgment then Cyrus’s performance should be viewed no differently than two people looking at a Monet. But…it is more than that with you, as your personal judgments of me make clear.

    Now, I really am done with this. 🙂

  • I think you are correct. She hit every hot button she could hit. Long before this performance she has had the Fundamentalist morality police after her. As soon as she abandoned the Hanna Montana persona and began singing songs that were more adult oriented, Fundamentalists have been upset with her. (her parents included)

    Personally, I am not a fan of her music. I bet I haven’t listened to more than two or three of her songs. My greater concern is how she is being pilloried by self-righteous Christians.

    This too shall pass. They will soon move on to a different target..like the War on Christmas. 🙂

  • Steve

    I thought it was quite clear I was discussing aesthetics. And all those “moral judgements”, well let’s list them.

    Creepy- personality, not morals,
    Something wrong- does not assume morals
    Emotionally wrong- quite clearly talking about EMOTIONS, not morals

    none of them are actually moral judgements. It baffles me that you fail to see this. My statements were of an aesthetic/psychological focus, which can indeed me of an objective but not moral nature. But you just have to hold on to your straw man, don’t you?

  • Yes, Steve, I have to hold on to my straw man. Have a great day.

  • Gary

    David…your comments almost seem to suggest that there is nothing we can or should declare as evil…even the use of chemical weapons on innocent civilian populations. Are you suggesting we don’t have to right to declare such a thing as evil? I find drawing a comparison between a sexually suggestive dance and the use of chemical weapons on civilians, and suggesting that they are in any way similar, very troubling.

  • Gary

    “Just because they do things differently”??? Seriously? So even though chemical weapons have been banned by virtually every nation in the world, even in war, you call using them on innocent civilians simply a matter of “doing things differently”???


  • I don’t understand how you could take from my post a similarity in terms of measure of evil between dance and chemical weapons. I’d hoped people might see thought that the two aren’t disconnected. That was my point. Just because something is connected doesn’t make them equal.

  • Gary

    No I am not saying you are stating they are the same. But you are drawing a comparison between our reaction to the two. This is what I find troubling about this particular post.

    I totally agree that we should not get involved in Syria’s civil war. I do not believe we even know who was responsible for the use of chemical weapons and to take sides and interject our will would be irresponsible. But the use of chemical weapons on anyone is an atrocity worthy of the label of evil if anything is. And since the world community has declared their use as illegal, seeking to remove the weapons themselves (without taking sides) could be seen as an appropriate police action. Whether America should take such action on our own is a debate we need to and should have.

  • I agree with your second paragraph 100%. I do see a relationship between our ‘reactions’ to different events. This doesn’t equate the measure of the different events.

  • Gary

    Fair enough.

  • Classy Christy

    I’m sorry I just have to comment on the fact that you said aesthetically her trashy contrived and ridiculous performance should be judged on the same aesthetic platform as a Monet (Monet rolling over in his grave).
    I’m sorry. I just risked choking to death as I was both laughing and vomiting in response.

  • Classy Christy

    My goodness. My GOODNess. You are giving that little impish media pawn far more credit than she could possibly acquire legitimately in her entire life.

    It is laughable that you are imagining she is this mastermind that is saying….touché’ to Christians.


    Oh yes guys… Lets imagine she’s intelligent and sophisticated and had some well thought out anti religious agenda.

    She also built a rocket ship and cured cancer.

    And all of the women in the porn that you watch thoroughly enjoy what they do…then when they’d done…they get in their cars and go knock out a few cardio thoracic cases.

    Isn’t it fun when you get to rationalizing and prettying up the pbjectification of women?!

    What a fun game!

  • Your rants are proof her plan worked. It’s not rocket science.

  • Classy Christy

    My “rants” are proof that even in a sea of Twerking nude idiots…. A female can still be outraged by a pathetic display of exhibitionism and objectification/mockery.

    Her “plan”? Again. Har har.

    Yes, she’s a real political genius…in shiny undies Twerking her rear end into a mans crotch.

    Is that what I should be doing instead of putting myself through med school!?

    Miley has inspired me to wear shiney unflattering underwear and stick my ass as high as I can in the air and……JIGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s how to get respect and prove your point in this life!!

    Her diabolical plan worked! Or should I say it twerked?!!!

  • Classy Christy

    I’m sorry when did you raise 6 kids? In the 80s??? These days you can’t turn on the tv without seeing someone’s freaking labia. (Yes I’m exaggerating, but barely)

    We’re you standing over your kids while they watched tv? Because news flash that’s not the case these days.
    That’s why 11 y/o kids are sadly being exposed to some pretty raunchy stuff and getting hooked on it.

    You clearly raised you’re kids on a different age.
    Sadly you’re too busy defending the righteousness of a young girl embarrassing herself on stage with one of the most pathetic performances I’ve ever witnessed.

    Nowadays there are I phones, I pads and laptops in addition to TVs.

    There are a great many kids with access to I pads and I phones.

    There aren’t enough safeguards on these devices to protect kids from the garbage and filth that’s out there.

    It’s a real shame and its going to have consequences down the road psychologically for these young people.

    There are a multitude of consequences regarding serious addiction and sexual and socializing problems.

    It’s so ridiculous to me that you would say… Just change the channel.

    So simple right?

  • Classy Christy

    It’s not our right to judge?
    Well pastor, you go ahead and chuck the first stone if you haven’t judged.

    I hear a stone dropping! 🙂

    And it’s human nature to form opinions on the absurd.

    That’s great about your friend….however there are some sick people out there that find some truly horrible things erotic.

    I dare to use the word immoral but I feel like
    You’re giving the green light and saying “anything goes”

    I don’t care if you’re religious/spiritual/atheist or what. There are just some behaviors and paraphelias that are despicable.

  • Classy Christy

    So because we’ve all made mistakes in our lives, we should condone or ignore awful behaviors around us? Really?!

  • Classy Christy

    I’m not certain she was Twerkin right.

    I rhymed!!

  • Classy Christy

    No one died from what miley did?

    Really? That’s your argument?

    There are a lot of things people do and no one dies as a result…
    But does that make them ok??

    I’m so sick of hearing Christians are prude!

    I just want to clarify this here. Have you seen the movie Idiocracy?

    That’s where we’re headed as a society.

    Future tv stations:

    Channel 1: boobies
    Channel 2: boobies with jiggles!
    Channel 3: celebrities jiggling with boobies and heinies
    Channel 4: history (just kidding….BOOBIEZ!!!!!)
    Channel 5: no one can spell anymore…jiggle butts!
    Channel 6: all kinds of celebrity thongs!

    I am sick of female body parts being strewn all over tv magazines and Internet like its a joke. Women have lost here.

    Until you’ve been a female flipping through channels on a Tuesday night unable to find something without a strip club scene or boob flash, please don’t talk.

    I am so tired of people defending trash on tv.

    That’s what pornography is there for. It’s all too available and in so many flavors and varieties it puts ice cream to shame.

  • Classy Christy

    Additionally….what makes you say Christians aren’t equally upset about violence?
    Do you have a device that measures Christian discontent?

  • Her simplistic plan got you to talk about it.

  • Gary

    Judge for yourself by all means. But it is not up to you, however, to determine what I find sexy and/or erotic. That is the point you seem incapable of grasping.

  • Not only that Gary but to judge what you find sexy or erotic based on taste.

  • Yes it is simple. While it may be impossible to block every exposure to media, parents could do a far better job than they are doing. Who is buying the computers, cell phones, and tablets? Parents. Who has control over the v-chip, parental settings on the TV, satellite DVR? Parents.

    Even with the Internet, it takes all of ten minutes to set up OpenDns to block ANY website or class of websites that parents don’t want their children to see.

    BTW, I raised children from 1979 to, oh let’s see….the three who are living at home. Our home has had a computer and Internet access for twenty years.

    Parents have the power. Instead they whine, moan, and complain about things they have control over. I have no sympathies for parents who refuse to be…parents.

  • On what objective basis do we determine this? Please point me to the standard by which all such things are to be judged? The Bible? Your personal moral beliefs? Mine? Like Steve you speak as if there is some universally accepted standard that we all should be using to judge things by.

    No one is advocating anything goes. But, much of the moralizing in the comments on this post are really a subtle attempt to force everyone to obey a certain moral standard. Don’t obey or agree and you are labeled immoral, defective, disgusting, etc.

  • Good. I hope you brushed your teeth because some around you might find your breath aesthetically unappealing.

    My point is, we all just matters of aesthetics differently. As a writer, I have people who love my writing and people who hate it. Two people read the same article and come to a different conclusion. People with a Fundamentalist mindset tend to see things as black or white, moral or immoral. This kind of thinking tends to have a religious motivation. This is why I have asked several commenters to state what objective moral standard they are using to negatively judge those who come to a different conclusion than them.

  • Liza

    I am talking about sending troops and losing more of our young men. Even military soldiers and sailors have posted pics holding up signs saying that they didn’t join the military for this kind of war. This sounds like a UN matter yet I heard our President say that he could possibly go over the UN’s decision should the UN be against US involvement. Yeah, I have a problem with that. How many times does the US have to look like the big bully? Especially when our OWN country is falling apart at the seams! The US has a way of always making sure their presence and strength is known…and it’s gone too far!

  • Gary

    I agree…we should not unilaterally send troops in. My problem with your comment was in referring to the use of chemical weapons as simply doing things differently. (This is the context of the issue in Syria which we are presently discussing)

  • Liza

    I don’t always express my thoughts completely. I get what you are saying. I guess I was just lumping all of the experiences into one pile.

  • Ana

    What’s really laughable about this is what you’re saying.

    Actually i think i understand what you’re trying to explain.

    But don’t say women can’t be sexy AND smart. It looks like that’s your point.

    Bruce is right, she IS an adult, and even though women objectification is real, there’s a HUGE difference between what you call objectification and a woman sexualizing herself because she wants to and feels confident and confortable about it. So basically it looks like you’re giving a feminist speech but there’s nothing at all feminist about this. People think is wrong for women to be free and act sexy or like a fucking whore or whatever they want, because they ‘should’ live their lives on the shadows and act a certain way so they can deserve people respect. And that’s fucking bullshit. THAT’S ALSO OBJETIFICATION because it’s like women are only worth what their apperance show, meaning: You can’t expose your body or act sexy ’cause if you do, you’re a slut. And you can’t look like a “slut” ’cause if you do, you’re a dumb bitch.

    You’re slut-shaming, not only Cyrus, but every woman who puts on a short dress and act sexy.

    “Oh yes guys… Lets imagine she’s intelligent and sophisticated and had some well thought out anti religious agenda.
    She also built a rocket ship and cured cancer.
    And all of the women in the porn that you watch thoroughly enjoy what they do…then when they’d done…they get in their cars and go knock out a few cardio thoracic cases.”

    I guess you know Miley Cyrus like the palm of your hand because you suddenly know how smart she is just by watching her perfomance, that’s…wow

    And look at you judging porn stars like you’re way better. Like you’re the only one with a brain and they’re the btiches working out their clitoris and ignoring their brains.

    That’s laughable too. The point os the post is how we treat others. And you’re acting so wrong while you think you’re being so clever and correct.
    But hey, who cares about not practicing this freaking ethnocentrism like you’rea god? Who cares about being kind to people? Or trying to understand and not to judge.
    Who cares abouth empathy?

    People focus so much on being moralists, that they forget how to treat people with kindness and to take care of their own lives before burst in judgement about how other people live their lives.