Of Gods and Men

The older I am
The less interested I am
In the petty affairs of men
And the more
I love Earth
And all her other creatures
And systems and seasons.

Bee and Flower. Photo by earl258 (cc) 2007.
Bee and Flower. Photo by earl258 (cc) 2007.

There is more beauty
In the Dawn and the Dusk
Than in all the works of man.
There is more wonder and awe
In the bee in the flower
In the budding of the tamaracks

In the raven’s harsh greeting
In the splendour of the night sky
The desolation of the wilderness,
Than in all
Man and his machines have created.

If we have to have gods,
If that is all that will move us,
They are there,
In Nature,

Mary de La Valette
September 2015

Mary de La Valette shares one of her poems. She has written for CUUPS publications since the 1980’s.

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