Highlighting Five Recent Videos

Before we slam the door on 2017, I thought I’d like to highlight some recent seasonal videos. Not only does the internet host a growing collection of UU-Pagan writings, but YouTube is also home to an increasing number of Unitarian Universalist Pagan and Earth-Centered videos. I thought I’d highlight a few which came out in the last month or so and one from this time last year.

Erica Baron on The VUU

Rev. Erica Baron is an author here at Nature’s Path. She’s also a Unitarian Universalist parish minister at the UU Congregation of the Catskills in Kingston, NY. The VUU is a weekly UU themed video talkshow. It is streamed live, on YouTube, every Thursday at 11am Eastern Time. On Dec. 21st she was the featured guest, along with Staṡa Morgan-Appel, a Pagan Quaker, who is co-author of A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual.

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