American Muslim Women Say No to EU Hijab Ban

columbus-circle-1688794_1920 (1)NEW YORK – The European Court of Justice ruling, allowing employers to ban hijab, has been casting shadows on Muslims worldwide.

Critics of the ban consider it part of multiple legislation in Europe targeting Muslim women’s outfit, as part of a broad campaign of discrimination against Muslims globally.

Many Muslim racial justice, social justice, and human rights activists in the United States consider the recent ban another example of increasing xenophobic and extremist anti-Muslim bias.

“I’m not surprised. Various European countries have been trying for decades to ban hijabs,” Tannaz Haddadi told AboutIslam.

“Western ideals of democracy and individual freedom are fading as race-centered movements that seek to exclude people that are in any way ‘different’ take hold. Women are always at the forefront of these issues either because they are targeted or because they are leading the fight for justice.”

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