FB Firestorm, Racial and Intra-ethnic Bias in Black Muslim Marriages

Misogynoir – Yeah, It’s a Thing

Comments on Asha’s post provided a space to highlight a very real aversion to Black female bodies by Black men. Commentators also shed a lens on the issue of intra-ethnic bias degrading the marriageability of African-American Muslim women. Misogynoir, misogyny directed towards Black women, is a larger societal problem-based in White supremacy and toxic patriarchy. Stereotypes about Black women (sassy, hypersexual, angry, etc.) contribute to our demonization and dehumanization. Unfortunately, many Black Muslim men and NBPoC Muslims readily embrace the stereotypes, but Muslim women asserted their voices about the problem.

The lesson here is that Muslims are not immune to being influenced by biased-driven preferences based on intersections of gender and race. Just because one has dark skin doesn’t mean that one is incapable of doing some prejudicial mess. It takes active, critical anti-racist awareness to recognize when one’s bigotry is seeping into thier decision-making and treatment of people.

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