FB Firestorm, Racial and Intra-ethnic Bias in Black Muslim Marriages


A Few who Got It

All was not bleak in the comments section of Asha’s post. Some NBPoC Muslims posted answers acknowledging problems with racism and colorism in Muslim communities and/or at least admitted that they were not the were not the ones with the solutions.

Unfortunately, one had to wade through some condescending and dismissive bull from NBPoC Muslims to find a few that seem inclined to learn something and respectfully provide their takes on the topic, but, it is refreshing to know that they are out there. It also helps in not forming generalizations about the utter cluelessness of NBPoC Muslims as well as the tone-deaf approach of so many of them.

An important thing I gleaned from reading the comments on Asha’s post is that despite some dysfunctional proclivities towards external and internalized anti-Black rhetoric tearassing[i] through American Muslim communities, there is potential for some productive exchange of thoughts and ideas that may help make things better. The conversation continues on Facebook.


[i] Watch how people get madder at my use of this word than the actual issue of anti-Blackness and intra-ethnic bias.


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