5 Power Boosters That Can Make Your Next Invitation to Church More Effective

Ben White
Ben White

An invitation to church can be as simple as ten words, “Hey, do you want to come to church with me?” But not all invitations are created equal. If you’re going to invite someone to church, why not make the invitation more effective? Here are five power boosters* that can make your next invitation to church more effective:

1. Personal is powerful. The more personal you can make the invitation, the more powerful it can become. A general status update on Facebook will never be as powerful as a text message sent to a friend, which will never be as powerful as a phone call, or most powerful of all, a face-to-face invitation. The more personal you make the invitation, the more powerful it becomes.

2. Invest before you invite. Sometimes inviting a stranger to church yields dividends, but most of the time you need to invest in people before you can effectively invite them. When you love someone, serve someone, help someone, encourage some one or even spend time with someone, you’re investing in them, giving you a larger platform to invite them to church.

3. Invite them to come to church with you. This seems subtle but is vitally important. Don’t just invite someone to church. Invite them to come with you. Our society is more technologically advanced yet more relationally isolated than ever before. We crave relationships, so use that to your advantage. When you invite, invite them into a relationship. Invite them to come with you.

4. Invite them not to attend, but to experience. Most people don’t want to come and simply watch. They can do that from the comfort of their own homes. People want to experience something. Invite someone to worship and learn about God with you. Invite someone to do life together in a small group with you. Invite someone to make a difference with you through volunteering at church.

5. Share your Jesus story. Share the difference that Jesus has made in your life through church. Be a walking endorsement for church. How do the worship services encourage you? How has committing to a small group helped you find freedom? How has serving helped you discover purpose and make a difference? Share your own positive experiences, and it will make your invitation much more powerful.

This Christmas season I pray you will invite several people to come and experience the hope of Jesus with you. Go out and invite well!


* I apologize for the “power boosters” metaphor. I think I was playing too much Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch with my kids over the Thanksgiving holidays. 🙂

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