Tapati's Body Image Workshop: The View From Both Sides Of The Easel

by Tapati The Model: Five years ago I would have laughed at the suggestion I might be doing nude modeling for an artist. Nothing could have been further from my mind. I was only beginning to work on changing my body image. I was just beginning to appreciate my wide hips, powerful buttocks, smallish breasts, [Read More...]

Tapati's Body Image Workshop: Day Four Assignment

by Tapati This assignment is meant to be interactive. It is a guided visualization followed by discussion or journal writing. You can handle this either by having someone read it to you, going slowly enough for you to visualize, or you can record it and then play it back for yourself. Before you do the [Read More...]

Tapati's Body Image Workshop: Taking Care of Ourselves

by Tapati 1) Make a list of ten things you would do if you really loved your body. Pick one and start doing it now. As you progress you can choose other things from the list. This is an especially powerful exercise for those women who have been waiting to do nearly everything “until I [Read More...]

Tapati's Body Image Workshop: Day Three Assignment

by Tapati This one can be a quick brainstorm for most of you–it’s the second step that will take more time. Make a list of ten things you would like to do if you had your ideal body that you aren’t doing now. Most of us do have a picture in mind of what our [Read More...]

Tapati's Body Image Workshop: Playlist

Body Image Playlist by Tapati Beautiful by Christina Aguilera Mahbootay by Laura Love Video by Indie Arie Girl Next Door and Imperfection by Saving Jane At Seventeen by Janis Ian Why do you love me? or Bleed like me by Garbage Crazy by Simple Plan Unpretty by TLC Perfectly Flawed by Otep Fat Boy by Bizarre [Read More...]