It’s Wren Day today! Wren Day is a fascinating Irish tradition with pre-Christian roots. There’s no connection to Star Wars. I’m just calling them the Knights of Wren (Day) because I love Star Wars. And puns. The Latin Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Stephen, named for the first Christian martyr, on December 26. (The Eastern Church celebrates it the following day.) As Europeans and Anlgophiles know, it’s Boxing Day today, as well. So what’s Wren Day? It’s still celebrated… Read more

Some of the fans freaking out about The Last Jedi should be mindful of Master Yoda. Picture this. Not that long from now, in this very galaxy, Christ the Messiah returns to Earth. Taking on physical form, this time as a female, Christ stands atop a river of molten lava. There, the Sermon on the Mount is delivered anew. The reaction on social media is swift. “What? Jesus can only walk on water, not hot lava! And I don’t care that you’re… Read more

  Bikers and Bibles aren’t generally thought about in the same sentence. But guys like Slo-Roll are changing that. Patrick “Slo-Roll” McKinney joined a recent episode of No-Prize From God. Slo-Roll is a National Officer with the Soldiers for Jesus MC. He preaches at a small biker church in North Carolina and is a retired Army veteran who spent most of his career stationed at Fort Bragg. He’s the author of the book Unchained Rebel: An Outlaw Biker’s Toughest Fight,… Read more

No-Prize from God. Conversations about belief, unbelief, and everything between. My name is Ryan J. Downey. I’ve worked for MTV News, MSBNC, The Hollywood Reporter, and Billboard, as reporter, writer, and producer. I’ve contributed to Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. My writing and production credits include work with Marvel Entertainment, Lionsgate, Sony, Warner Bros., Universal, Hearst Digital, Verizon go90, and IFC. I’ve written over a dozen cover stories for publications like subcultural tastemakers Alternative Press, Metal Maniacs, and Rockpile. I’m… Read more

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