You’re Too Creative (Or You’re Not Creative Enough)

Last year, Chrissy was involved with a project called Beyond Justice by World Vision ACT:S, the large international development organization’s campus advocacy arm. She was in a series of videos with four other thinkers/artists/activists, including Propaganda, a spoken word artist from LA. You may have heard of him a year or so ago, when his piece, GOSPEL, went around.

Prop is at it again.

Kurt Willems posted this video yesterday elsewhere here on Patheos. It’s solid, an excellent start to your workweek.

But it also got me thinking about an e-newsletter that I got yesterday from author/friend Jeff Goins. He makes the point that too often we creatives ask the wrong question. We’re always asking, “What if it sucks?” Instead, says Jeff, who’s good at motivating folks, we need to be asking, “What if it’s amazing? What if I’m  amazing?”

Propaganda comes at it from another angle, answering some critics who wonder if he’s too creative. Here’s his elegant reply.

This isn’t a poem. It’s a runway.

May you be truly creative–amazing–today.

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