Tricks to Handling Holiday Stress Without Resorting to Sitcoms or Red Bull

Tis’ the season to throw your laptop across the room.  Those of us with a semester to finish or deadlines to meet before we earn those precious holidays are enduring more than the usual stress this month.  And if that weren’t enough, there’s the stress of finding the perfect gift for Aunt Judy and Uncle [Read More…]

Wonder: Where to Start

Wonder: this is not another guilt trip to add to your already long unfinished to-do list. [Read more…]

Put me in my Playpen

Maybe we don’t need more freedom–maybe we need good limits. [Read more…]

Wonder: Ask More Questions

What are you wondering? What is wonderful? Asking questions helps. [Read more…]

I Will Not Run Past the God of Wonder

Do you actually marvel and wonder at life, leading to a life that is often marvelous and wonderful? [Read more…]

The Benefits of Getting Lost

Sometimes the best thing we can do is make a mistake. [Read more…]

Target: Buying Stuff to Put Your Stuff In

How can we aim for community and healthy shopping habits in our Target world? [Read more…]

Fostering Contentment

How do you know if you’re poor? Or rich? [Read more…]