TWO FUN WORDS: Zacchaeus & Sycamore

Fr Michael Dahulich, Dean of St Tikhon’s Seminary, preached at St George on Sunday. Though the sermon was a good exhortation — encouraging us toward repentance — I believe many in attendance may only have heard the first few sentences.

Why’s that?

Because somewhere in there he mentioned the “L” Word.

After which their mind went into OMG-M (Oh-my-gosh mode).

LENT is coming.

That’s right …

Next is Zacchaeus Sunday
(I believe the garbled word is, ironically, “focus.”)

Followed by the Four Preparatory Weeks leading up to LENT

Publican & Pharisee

Followed by Prodigal Son

and Meatfare (aka Sunday of the Last Judgment).

February 18th is Cheesefare / Forgiveness Sunday

Followed by Clean Monday and the beginning of the Great Fast.

Fr Michael touched on those days in his exhortation. But, as I said, many may have been cross-eyed and dizzy, struggling with that ecclesiastical Ear Worm: “Lent is coming. OMG. Lent is coming. Fasting … OMG …”

So, for those in attendance (last Sunday, and here on the blog), let us, like Zacchaeus, climb above the clutter and cares of this world to see the Lord moving among us. With clarity, we’ll probably notice that, like Lent, He’s closer than we thought.

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