In Hell, On My Cell, Searching Up Paradise


 The phone. We could answer or not. We could take it off the hook. I could be disconnected. We could change numbers and no one could find us. We could just unplug it from the wall. We could, forgive me this, LIE and say we didn’t hear the phone, or we weren’t home …Then, the answering machine. We could leave witty greeting messages. We would return home excitedly to the blinking of the light indicating that someone cared enough to leave a message, or two, or SEVEN! Or we could save m … [Read more...]

Jesus with a Sword

Christ - Two Edged Sword

Okay, so I didn't get this icon.  But it is cool, no?When I converted to Orthodoxy, it's a long story, I took St Joseph the Betrothed as my patron saint.  My given name is David, born on June 26th.That just happens to be the feast day for St David of Thessaloniki.  So, that's the icon I got from Orthodox Christian Supply.I cannot but say Amen to every word that Owen White writes about the quality of workmanship from Orthodox Christian Supply.I will say, true story, this was the fi … [Read more...]

Antiochian Resolution Opposing “Same Sex Unions”


RESOLUTION TO OPPOSE THE RECENT UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT DECISION THAT LEGALLY RE-DEFINED MARRIAGE TO INCLUDE TWO PEOPLE OF THE SAME SEXWHEREAS, on June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court, in the case entitled “Obergefell, et al. v. Hodges, Director, Ohio Department of Health, et al.,” by a marginal majority decision, held that no State may deny same-sex couples the right to marry; and that, in so doing, the Supreme Court has legally redefined the sacred, long-held, and profound mea … [Read more...]

The Grace of Incorruption: Poetic Coincidence & Alchemical Oratory


Years ago I was assigned a new prayer rule by my spiritual father, the reading of the daily selections of the Psalms, the kathismata. At the time, we lived next door to the church and I would dutifully read or chant the Psalms morning and evening in the temple. Somewhere along the way my rule was either changed, or I lapsed; I cannot remember which. Passing years saw me fondly recall that discipline, but it was only upon reading Donald Sheehan’s book, The Grace of Incorruption, that I once again … [Read more...]