I’m amazed at the connections I uncovered once I starting thinking about how my introverted personality is expressed during pregnancy, labor, and birth. Read more

There is no right or wrong way to plan a ritual or ceremony to acknowledge your baby and your miscarriage experiences. Read more

A new study out last week provides evidence for the safety of midwifery care in birth centers. Pagans overwhelmingly want to birth with midwives. Read more

I keep vigil for the woman who cries in the night I keep vigil for the woman who births with joy and exultation I keep vigil for the woman who struggles and suffers in birth Read more

How close is birth to death? What can death teach us about birth? Read more

“I want to give kudos to the author for writing a text that recognizes that not all pregnancy paths are the same, and that they aren’t all “ideal” or “natural.” ” Read more

After Niki’s review last week of Pagan Parenting in the NICU, there was some great discussion on the Pagan Families Facebook page about NICU experiences. Several people shared their advice on dealing with the NICU and some obvious themes and points of agreement emerged. Read more

Opening ourselves to the spirit of compassion, inspired by a Midwife’s Invocation. Read more

What makes a person a mother? A father? A grandmother? A grandfather? Are mothers and fathers really so different from each other? Read more

Feet planted solidly on Mother Earth Drawing up Solid Gaia energy Read more

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