Enchanted Composting

Composting has done more to create a sense of intimacy with the land than our short-lived full moon offerings or telling secrets to the trees. Read more

Announcing: Rooted In Love, A Virtual Circle for Pregnant Mamas

Announcing my first virtual circle! This will be a lovely way to connect with other pregnant Pagan mamas and root deeply into juicy practices for empowered birth. Read more

Follow-up on reader survey

Survey results: what Pagan Families readers want on the blog and social media. Read more

Haunted Time

I read somewhere that it’s not just our ancestors who come back at this time of year, but our pasts and our old wounds, too. That’s what having a child at Samhaintide has done. Read more

My Top Thirteen Pagan Picture Books About the Moon

Meg Yardley’s favorite Pagan-friendly moon books – thirteen books for the thirteen full moons in a year. Read more

5 ways to keep the family story alive so kids can thrive

Research shows that sharing family stories boosts kids’ self-esteem and sense of control in their lives. Read more

The Secret of Saying Thanks

Pagan children (and adults!) can learn a lot from The Secret of Saying Thanks, a wonderful book on being grateful to all the beauty of the natural world. Read more

September Link Round-Up: Back to school, autumn equinox, and sacred abundance

A look back at the month’s highlights with best Pagan pregnancy & parenting links from around the web. Read more

Reader survey: tell us what you want

Hey readers, you’re the lifeblood of Pagan Families! You’re the reason we write on the blog and curate the social media. We do it for you. We could really use some insight into what you want from us. Will you take a few minutes to take this survey? Read more

“My Family is Different” by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Looking for a book to help your child find their place in the diversity of the world? This one is a keeper! Read more

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