Of Children, Paint, and Unplanned Sabbats

Every Sabbat, I read other people’s plans and suggestions for celebrating with children, think about the season, and come up with beautiful ideas for what we’ll do. Then we end up doing something entirely different. Read more

A Pagan Thanksgiving

On the autumn equinox, my family practices a ritual of thanksgiving for all the good things in our lives. How does your family spend this holiday? Read more

Children and Public Paganism

Is it important that we allow children at Pagan rituals? For me, it’s the reason I work so hard for the Pagan community. Read more

The Pagan Parenting Blogs You Read

When Mama Stacey shared the link to her blog the other day, I realized there’s a world of Pagan parenting blogs out there that I don’t know about. So I asked on Facebook what Pagan parenting blogs readers recommend, and here’s the list that was shared. Read more

Nature Walk in the Changing Season

What is this season like in your part of the world? Children love exploring the changes that come at this time of year! Read more

August Link Round-Up: Linking generations through milk, blood, magic, and mentoring

This month’s links are connected by a thread of connecting generations — through milk, blood, magic, and mentoring. Read more

Rain Rain (Don’t!) Go Away

How do you mark special moments in the natural world with children? Here’s some fun ideas for your next rainy day! Read more

Where Babies Come From: A Heathen View

Learn more about the Heathen concept of Wyrd, and how it relates to birth, children, and reincarnation. Read more

Off to School Altars

Building altars together is part of how we deal with life transitions and other situations where our hearts are full and mixed up. Read more

Flash Points: Where do babies come from?

In May we talked about sex and reproduction but what about where our souls, spirits, or unique personalities come from? Does your family or tradition have an explanation for this? Read more

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