A round-up of January’s best reads for Pagan families from around the web. Read more

What Iceland’s Heathen temple can teach Pagans about gathering space – and why it’s so important for families especially. Read more

Honoring the earth is especially important when planting-time begins. This chant to the tune of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ is a great way for kids to participate in this important ritual! Read more

Imbolc is often an overlooked holiday, but with these 5 fun ideas kids won’t be able to wait to celebrate it! Read more

When a loved one passes away, it’s difficult for everyone – but children are perhaps the most hurt and confused by their loved one’s absence and the conflicting messages they hear about it. Read more

A monthly round-up of the best links shared and discussed on our active Facebook and Twitter streams — on Paganism, parenting, current events, & celebrating the season. Read more

I want to use this platform in service of trying to center and amplify the voices of Black people and other people of color. Here are some essays by writers of color making the connections between parenting, racial justice, and police violence. Read more

Paul Smith, Parenting with a Story: Real Life Lessons in Character for Parents and Children to Share (AMACOM, 2014). 272 pages. Once upon a time my mother stepped out of a friend’s car and down an open sewer grate. Fortunately she grabbed onto the sides of the hole as she fell, and her friends helped her climb back out. My mom told me the story a decade and a half later, when I was a little girl, and the idea… Read more

Wondering what to do with your little one this Yule? Here’s 5 ideas that should entertain the all of you! Read more

Interviewing priestess, writer, counselor, mama, activist Sierra Black about Paganism, consent culture, and raising children. Read more

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