The first thing I’d usually suggest for someone who wants to add symbols to the foundation of their home is to make it personal. Create a symbol that is unique and meaningful to your family. Read more

What makes a family? A re-imagining of the traditional family tree to include all the odd branches and roots that are a part of my family. Read more

Announcing a new monthly series of round robins on topics important to Pagan Families! April’s Flash Point: What makes a family? Read more

Show children the magic of spring by introducing them to the wondrous ways that plants sprout and grow in this season. Read more

In what ways has breastfeeding been a hero’s journey for you? How were you tested, how were you challenged, how did you rise, or make peace, or triumph, or cry, or scream, or dig so deeply into yourself that you had to gasp in wonder at your own capacity? What is your breastfeeding story…? Read more

As a young mother I was much less aware of it, but even as a Cronemother, I am still sometimes surprised by what my grandson has learned from me when I wasn’t looking. Read more

When your kid is getting surges of energy, put them outside in air – the complementing energy of child and breeze will help them find a way of expressing this! Read more

Paganism has a strong tradition of women in leadership; the best way to keep our tradition strong is to continue raising our young women to be experienced and capable leaders. Read more

Each person, including both parents, has needs and our family unit is responsible for working together to help each other and to contribute our best to a healthy, well-functioning, happy, harmonious family. Read more

My child came in as I was writing this and, seeing the book’s image on the screen, commented, “Guess what? Earth Mother is the goddess of everything.” I think that about sums it up. Read more

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