In a culture that seeks to associate children’s nakedness as a site of anxiety – projecting onto them the very real fears of adult lust – we run the risk of denying our children the basic right to be themselves freely. Read more

Every month I read back over the links and things shared and discussed on the Pagan Families facebook and twitter pages, and write up the juiciest, most useful, most enduringly interesting links here in case you missed something. In April there were new babies, new facebook pages, and plenty of articles to read. Read more

“Any woman who has birthed or raised a child, had a book published, started an organization, manifested a temple – they all know the strength, courage and determination women possess…” –Karen Tate, Goddess Calling I’ve been a huge fan of Karen Tate’s radio show Voices of the Sacred Feminine for several years. The voice of Karen and her versatile, diverse, talented, inspirational guests keep me company every week on my commute to teach at a military base. Goddess Calling sounds… Read more

In honor of these milestones, here are the 5 most popular Pagan Families posts (by page view) since we joined the Patheos family. Read more

For the month of May we’re inviting bloggers to dialogue with us about the intersection of Paganism, sexuality, and parenting. Read more

I live in a big house with my husband and our two kids, my husband’s girlfriend, her husband, their cats and dog, and a friend of ours. That’s family. Read more

Arbor Day is a fun holiday for kids, and as Pagans it’s very close to our hearts. Here’s a prayer to use while giving offerings to your local tree spirits! Read more

Beltane, or May Day, celebrates the fertility of the earth, the diversity of our community, and the joys of living in a body. Read more

“Her courage is written on her body.” –Molly (Talk Birth) Last year I made several cesarean birth art sculptures by request. It felt like a “risk” of sorts to make them, like I was trying to interpret another woman’s experience artistically, but I did it and they were well-received. I chose to imprint words in the figure’s cesarean scar because I kept thinking about how that mother’s love and hope and courage are all permanently written on her body. Recently, I… Read more

Welcome to the March link round-up, in which I compile some of the best links we’ve shared on Facebook and Twitter. Read more

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