The Time Traveler's Wife

Update: Character’s name corrected from Annette to Clare.

All married couples struggle with issues of trust and caring for a partner who is ill for a short while. When a partner has a long term illness or disability, the couple must coop with more than the usual life difficulties. The Time Traveler’s Wife is about how Clare and Henry DeTamble find ways to build and maintain a healthy and vibrant relationship.

In a unique and fantastic sci-fi way, the story portrays what it’s like for couples dealing with disability. Henry has a genetic predisposition to vanish and reappear anywhere within time as long as he or the people he cares about still exist. And I thought my genetic problems where difficult.

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Some of the most touching moments are when she decides to marry him knowing full well it will be difficult. They also struggle with fertility when they discover his time traveling gene is being passed on to their unborn children. This causes many failed pregnancies and grief since the babies travel out of the womb before reaching full term. The couple struggles with the desire for a child and the guilt of presumably causing their deaths or future struggles with vanishing to some place without their parents.

In many ways, the film also explores how relationships change over time. Often, when she is young and still naive, he will reappear but older and having experienced so much more of life. It’s much like looking back on your life and seeing relationships from a new perspective. Just as people’s personalities and desires change over the years, Clare and Henry struggle with keeping their connection. He often asks which of his age’s she prefers.

If you enjoy dramatic romances with a twist, you’ll enjoy this film. You could also read the original novel by Audrey Niffenegger. Click here for more about the book.

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