About CJ Blackwood

CJ Blackwood is a fiction writer and poet. She graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor's in journalism and a minor in English and has been a practicing witch and Pagan for eight years. Though her path began with eclectic Wicca, it has now taken her to dusky realms of warrior goddesses, creative goddesses, and crones. It is mainly focused on self-development, social consciousness, and gaining as much skill within various forms of witchcraft as possible. Follow her and her various writing projects via her Facebook page.

Author's Note:
I am on a fixed income and running into some financial difficulties. If you would be kind enough to donate a few dollars, I would be grateful. You can send it through paypal, cjblackwood90@gmail.com.
In exchange, if you contact me through my Facebook page, I am offering tarot readings. Thanks.

  • kadiera

    I think it’s wise to take time to figure out what you want for yourself vs. what you’ve always been told to want. Better now than when you’re older (I’ll be 39 this year…and while I am successful by any standard I was given as a child, I gotta say I wish someone had offered me a few more options).

    I know my children are more complicated than most, but needing alone time some days makes this parenting thing even more challenging. But having decided to do it…we muddle along, trying to manage everyone’s needs. Some days we succeed, and some days success is that everyone is fed, dressed, and pottied and we’ve made it to bedtime without any major injuries.

    Not all poly relationships (Pagan or otherwise) have to be so filled with drama. My husband’s long term girlfriend (8 years now?) moved in across the street from us this year, and it’s been nice – we’re still sort of working through the meshing of day to day lives, but she adores my kids without having to be their primary full-time caregiver….and they adore her dogs without me having to pick up after both kids and dogs :)

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/paganswithdisabilities/ Tara “Masery” Miller

    I understand how you feel about wanting to share your beliefs with children and grandchild and have a close knit family. I am unable to adopt because of my mental illness and I can’t bare children. There is still time for you to find a companion and make your dream a reality. It is always worth waiting for the right one.