What most Pagans are is at least spiritual. We use the tools of Paganism to connect with something larger than ourselves. For some that means deity. For others it’s magick, and for still others it’s the natural world. That we are capable of respecting these different ways of connection and still maintain something resembling a positive community speaks well of us. Read more

If it looks like Witchcraft in some way and the person doing it identifies as a Witch, then it’s Witchcraft. It’s really that simple. Read more

We are certainly in a “Witch Moment” right now, but Witchcraft is more than just a trend, it’s sewn into the very fabric of the Western World. It will always be here, and it will often be here in forms many of us are unfamiliar with. Read more

Witches are strong. Witches don’t wallow in despair. Witches get up off the ground and continue to work. And most of all Witches keep Witching. Read more

With more choices than ever before, we are currently living in the golden age of Pagan/Witch/Magickal publishing. There’s something for everyone, and many new titles are just as magickal on the outside as they are on the inside! Read more

“Witch Hunt” might be the absolute worst term to describe Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign. Not only does Trump not seem to know what a witch hunt is, his use of the term is deeply insulting too. Read more

To limit a deity to only a certain time or space limits that deity. If we believe the gods have agency, then we have to believe that the gods have the power to choose who honors them. But on the other hand, we have an obligation as human beings to treat deities and cultures outside of our own with respect. Read more

The first pagan god I ever prayed to was Zeus, and he still knows how to capture my attention now and then. Read more

Far away from temples and more famous places we found ourselves truly in a place where the gods live and dwell. Read more

Knossos, the capitol of Minoan Crete, is one of the most amazing of all the archeological sites in Greece, and the first true city in European history. It was also the home of bull cults and Snake Goddesses. Read more

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