12 Reasons You Can Call “God” Mother

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Calling “God” Mother is perfectly acceptable, and it’s not just for Pagans! [Read more...]

Unbroken Traditions, Or, How the Death of Traditional Wicca Is A Myth

“A Visit to the Witch” by Edward Frederick Brewtnall, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Is Traditional Wicca dying? That most certainly depends on who you ask. [Read more...]

My New Favorite Demon: The Charlie Challenge


Do demons speak through pencils? I’m guessing not, but “The Charlie Challenge” is as American as Apple Pie. [Read more...]

The Journey Into Spirit

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Do we do enough as Pagans to prepare for the inevitably of death? [Read more...]

A Pagan Memorial Day

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A history of Memorial Day and a small ritual in honor of the holiday and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. [Read more...]

Handfastings & Weddings: A Guide

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Planning a wedding or a handfasting? A few rites and tips to make your ceremony and day even more special. [Read more...]

Summer Pagan Festivals 2015: A Guide


Looking for something to do this summer? Here are almost literally dozens of festivals to choose from. Also, theme songs for every festival! [Read more...]

They’re Remaking “The Craft” Don’t Get Upset

The Craft (Original Version)  ©1996 Sony Pictures

So they might remake the move “The Craft.” Maybe the news isn’t as bad as some people think. [Read more...]

Little White Lies: Christian Books on Modern Witchcraft

That's not us, that's them!  Photo from Wikipedia

People have written some rather absurd things about Modern Witchcraft over the past thirty years. Sadly most of those writers know better, which makes them either delusional or liars. [Read more...]

“The Craft” Didn’t Change Everything

From "The Craft" © 1996 Columbia Pictures.

“The Craft” is sometimes credited with spearheading the Witchcraft Revival of the 1990′s, but instead of being trendsetting, it was simply a Hollywood-reaction to an already ongoing pop-culture phenomenon. [Read more...]