Beyond the Bubble

I remain friends with people who disagree with me because I don’t think we will ever change the world by only talking to and interacting with those that agree with us. It’s not the choir that needs to hear the message, or even the people in the immediate audience, it’s those outside the coliseum. [Read more…]

So You’re Going to an Indoor Festival (What to Bring & How to Survive)

What to bring, what to do, and most important how to avoid the con-crud. It’s an all in one survival and travel guide for those braving indoor spaces this Winter/Spring. [Read more…]

5 Non-Witchcraft Books for Witches

Pagan and Witch books are great, but sometimes, getting outside that bubble can be really inspirational. [Read more…]

Ozark Witchcraft, Superstition, and Folklore

The folklore and superstitions of the Ozarks are full of genuine magical practice, along with many tales of witches. [Read more…]

Bad Day? Be a Pagan!

It’s easy to forget about the little things that make life better. For me, many of those little things are Pagan related, and doing them doesn’t fix everything, but they do make everything feel a whole lot better. [Read more…]

Building a Pagan Library (And I’m Giving Some of it Away)

Jason Jason, quite contrary, how does your library grow? With history books and Witchy spells, and Wiccan books all in a row.
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Paganism in the Age of Trump

When there’s a barrier in the way of a Witch, a good Witch knocks it down. Let’s be good to one another and knock some walls down.
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Witchcraft Before Wicca: Three Important Magickal Books

There have been many influential books when it comes to magick and Witchcraft over the centuries. These are three of my favorites, and among the most influential. [Read more…]

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Show Your Work: Silence & Skepticism in Modern Witchcraft

Magickal ideas are remarkably resilient, and while they may not be Witchcraft, they most certainly have value. Let’s just not turn them into something they aren’t.
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The 2016 Hornie Awards

Celebrating the best (and sometimes worst) in Paganism from 2016 with the least coveted awards ever! [Read more…]