Pagan Things Made By Pagans For Pagans (A Holiday List)

It’s the Holiday Season, which means it’s time to shop for your favorite Druid, Heathen, or Witch! Check out this list featuring Pagan things, generally made by Pagans, for Pagans. Read more

Witchcraft & The Search for Authenticity

We will never be able to recreate the past (and I’m not sure we should want to), but we can tap into that past to build a better future. It’s what Witches of all stripes, colors, and beliefs do. Read more

Wrong Things I Sometimes Read About Wicca

There are a lot of people out there with some seriously strange ideas about Wiccan Witchcraft, and by extension what Wiccans think, believe, and practice. Read more

Wiccan Trash

Recently someone referred to me online as “Wiccan Trash.” It’s not a comment that should have bothered me, but it did, but probably not for the reason you think. Read more

Samhain is Pagan Christmas

Samhain is not everyone’s favorite sabbat, but it is truly the season of the Witch. Read more

The Care & Keeping of Your Local Witch Store

Many of us are lucky enough to live near metaphysical, New Age, and Witch stores that cater happily and proudly to the Pagan Community. Hopefully if you live near one of those businesses, and assuming the owners are good folks, you patronize it. I strongly believe that Witch stores are vital to the health of our local communities. Read more

8 Ways to Celebrate Samhain

Samhain can be celebrated in a variety of ways, here are eight great ways to get the most out of your Samhain observances this year. Read more

Perhaps the Word “Pagan” Has Become Inadequate?

There’s a bigger world than just “Pagan” out there, with an awful lot of other folks who think like the majority of us. How we all manage to fit together and find one another is another issue. Read more

Bad Witch: Things Other Witches Do That I Don’t

I often feel like a Bad Witch when reading about the experiences of my friends and peers, and that’s generally because many of them believe in and do things that are not a part of my own practice. Luckily there are many ways to be a Witch and practice the Craft. Read more

Paganism in Real Time

If the Pagan Community is going to continue to thrive, be healthy and be something more than lip service or an idea, its various parts have to interact with one another in person and in real time. Read more

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