Easter Myths

As a child I liked Easter. I'm sure much of that was because of candy, and to a lesser extent the new stuffed (plush) animal I got yearly in my Easter basket. I also liked Easter Egg Hunts and the family gatherings that usually went along with them. (Anytime I got to go visit my Grandma and Gramps I was a happy kid.) During my teenage years I was a pretty committed Christian and enjoyed Easter because it was the spiritual high-point of the Christian calendar. I grew up as a Christian, … [Read More...]


Light in the Darkness: Healing & Hope

For me Spring has always been the most joyous season. As a child I liked Spring because it signaled the end of the school year, and there was the Easter-holiday in there too. When I lived in the Midwest, Spring (with all of its starts and stops) was always the most welcome season. Winter in Michigan sometimes lasted from November until early April . . . . but buds on trees, the scent of flowers, open windows, even something as simple as rain instead of snow were all moments when I felt truly … [Read More...]


Rolling the Religion Dice

Years ago I was the acquaintance of a young woman whose religious and spiritual choices seemed to change on a weekly basis. She was smart, and I want to write that "she should have known better" because her choices always felt more like a cry for attention than any sincere conviction. The titles she used to identify herself were hard to keep up with but I remember my favorite one being "Thelemic-Christian-Witch." At the time I knew a lot of people who practiced more than one tradition, but … [Read More...]


Jesus and the Pagan Gods

The Christian celebration of Easter has always been a good time to contemplate the nature of the gods and the relationships amongst the gods. As a Christian I was led to believe that the ministry of Jesus was a unique event in human history. To put it simply "Jesus was God made flesh," and to have deity here on this planet as a human was a one-time only thing, never before written about or comprehended. Jesus-God was also able to overcome death, which becomes less shocking when your theology … [Read More...]


The Non-Adept’s Guide to Gerald Gardner

(An adept is generally defined as “a person who is skilled or proficient at something” but what about those of us who are not skilled or proficient in certain areas? As Pagans and/or Magickal Folk just how much knowledge should we posses about certain individuals? Is a thorough reading of all their works required or is a passing familiarity enough to get by on? The Non-Adept’s Guide is an attempt to provide the resources for a definition beyond Wikipedia, but not so much that the reader … [Read More...]


20 Questions with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church was founded in 1979 by Pete "Pathfinder" Davis. Both Davis and the church are names I've been familiar with for a long time, but never knew much about. Getting a chance to interview the current Archpriestess Belladonna Laveau was an opportunity I couldn't pass up when it was offered. The A.T.C. has been around for over thirty years, that's a lot of history. During the course of this interview we got to touch on some of that history, Pete Pathfinder, and the ATC's … [Read More...]


Wicca and the Idea of Duotheism

I have always defined myself as a polytheist and left it at that. I think that the magick and mystery of the gods is so above my mortal comprehension that breaking my polytheism down into sub-categories is a self defeating exercise. I worship the gods as distinct beings, and have always thought of them in that light. I also don't discount the idea that they might all be linked in some sort of way. Every living thing on this planet is linked genetically (we share some of our DNA with trees … [Read More...]


Playlist: Spring

About ten years ago my wife designed an Ostara Ritual that included coloring with crayons and other assorted "child-like" activities. She asked me for some music to fill in that part of the ritual so I picked out a bunch of songs that screamed "Spring!" to me. When we were done we had people asking us for a copy of that evening's playlist (or as it was ten years ago, CD). At that moment a tradition was born, "The Spring Mix," and I've been putting an Ostara/Beltane/Spring playlist together ever … [Read More...]


Why Wicca?

I've read a lot about "Wiccan Privilege" over the last couple of weeks, but what often gets lost in such discussions are the reasons why people choose to become Wiccan. Wicca* does have a few institutional advantages, but that can't be the only thing. (For another take on this topic see Why Are So Many Pagans Wiccan? over at Metal Gaia.) I would never say that Wicca "is the best" Pagan Path or other such nonsense, but it has been what's best for me personally. I know others who have found … [Read More...]


Ostara Ritual 2014

In some ways Ostara is one of the easiest sabbats to write. It contains several tropes that are easy to build a ritual around, and I've used them all on a number of occasions. Planting seeds is an easy one (either outside or in a small pot), and there are all kinds of things to do with eggs. We used to die Ostara Eggs before beginning our Equinox rituals and then fill them with negativity and bury them into the Earth. This year my wife requested that I skip the usual and attempt to come up … [Read More...]