Perhaps the Word “Pagan” Has Become Inadequate?

There’s a bigger world than just “Pagan” out there, with an awful lot of other folks who think like the majority of us. How we all manage to fit together and find one another is another issue. Read more

Bad Witch: Things Other Witches Do That I Don’t

I often feel like a Bad Witch when reading about the experiences of my friends and peers, and that’s generally because many of them believe in and do things that are not a part of my own practice. Luckily there are many ways to be a Witch and practice the Craft. Read more

Paganism in Real Time

If the Pagan Community is going to continue to thrive, be healthy and be something more than lip service or an idea, its various parts have to interact with one another in person and in real time. Read more

Santa Muerte: The History, Rituals, and Magic of Our Lady of the Holy Death

Santa Muerte represents the feminine power of death in that it is a force for positive change, growth, and renewal – by reaping and burning the fall fields, the spring planting will be made so much richer. Read more

Raymond Buckland: A Remembrance

To put it simply, Raymond Buckland was one of the most influential Witches to ever live. His work inspired then, his work inspires now, and his work will inspire long into the future. He will be missed. Read more

These Things Aren’t All True: Falsehoods in the Pagan Community

Being on social media means that I come across a lot of comments and articles about Modern Paganism. Most of those things are positive and represent truths as the individual sees them. Other times though, I’m reading things that are just not true. Here are some of those things. Read more

The 5 Most Important Books in the Modern Witchcraft Revival

Five books have had a tremendous amount of influence on the development of Modern Witchcraft, and their ideas and rituals are still with many of us today. Read more

8 Ways to Celebrate the Autumn Equinox/Mabon

Early Fall is a magickal time, and here are a few ideas on ways to celebrate. Read more

Does It Matter How Many of Us There Are?

Does it matter how many Wiccans or Pagans are out there in the world? Maybe not, or maybe so, it all kind of depends on what we want out of our practices. Read more

Wicca: A New Major Religion

Wicca might be the third largest spiritual and religious community in the United States. If that’s the case, why is nobody treating us seriously? Read more

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