These Things Aren’t All True: Falsehoods in the Pagan Community

Being on social media means that I come across a lot of comments and articles about Modern Paganism. Most of those things are positive and represent truths as the individual sees them. Other times though, I’m reading things that are just not true. Here are some of those things. Read more

The 5 Most Important Books in the Modern Witchcraft Revival

Five books have had a tremendous amount of influence on the development of Modern Witchcraft, and their ideas and rituals are still with many of us today. Read more

8 Ways to Celebrate the Autumn Equinox/Mabon

Early Fall is a magickal time, and here are a few ideas on ways to celebrate. Read more

Does It Matter How Many of Us There Are?

Does it matter how many Wiccans or Pagans are out there in the world? Maybe not, or maybe so, it all kind of depends on what we want out of our practices. Read more

Wicca: A New Major Religion

Wicca might be the third largest spiritual and religious community in the United States. If that’s the case, why is nobody treating us seriously? Read more

Staying Grounded

I watch football, not just the NFL (National Football League) but college football too, and also lots of other sports. In the Pagan world that makes me a strange individual, but it’s also how I stay grounded and connected to the mundane world. Read more

Druids & Witches: More Than Just Acquaintances

Witches and Druids share a very real and special bond, probably because much of what we both do comes from the same place. Read more

A Witch Isn’t Just What You Want One to Be

Just like it’s not my place to tell someone “you aren’t a Witch” it’s not my place to decide who is a Witch either. Read more

Doing Paganism

Let’s never forget the importance of doing the Paganism. Paganism is not something experienced from an office chair or a smart phone. Paganism happens when we open ourselves up to powers and energies greater than our own. Read more

The Everyday Joys of Witchcraft

I find joy from my Witchcraft in my home, my backyard, the vistas just outside my front door, and in my gods. The best part is that they are all things I can, and generally do, experience everyday. Read more

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