The magick only really starts when we step out and have the experiences, because Witchcraft lives when it’s practiced, not so much when it’s just talked or written about. Read more

Terms such as High Priestess or High Priest can be problematic, but I still think they have value. Read more

Most of the words we use today in Pagan and Witch circles are problematic because they are used in a variety of different ways with definitions varying form person to person and group to group. Read more

Strike up the band and get ready for the red carpet, it’s time for the most prestigious awards in all of Pagandom, The Hornie Awards! Read more

Looking back on the most read posts at Raise the Horns in 2017. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of articles about magickal books, Pagan festivals, and all sorts of other magickal things. Read more

Christmas Witches, alcoholic apple drinks, and Oak Kings don’t share a whole lot of similarities on the outside, but a closer look reveals something else. Nearly all of our most cherished Yuletide traditions share one thing: the idea of hope. Read more

I’m not telling you that the Krampus is the Horned God of Yule, but he certainly can be. Read more

Most of us don’t start with a whole lot of knowledge of what we should be doing, and as a result we make a lot of stupid Witchcraft mistakes. Read more

A conversation with Damh the Bard about Pagan music, community, and the Mabinogion. Read more

It’s the Holiday Season, which means it’s time to shop for your favorite Druid, Heathen, or Witch! Check out this list featuring Pagan things, generally made by Pagans, for Pagans. Read more

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