The Everyday Joys of Witchcraft

I find joy from my Witchcraft in my home, my backyard, the vistas just outside my front door, and in my gods. The best part is that they are all things I can, and generally do, experience everyday. Read more

Racism in the Age of Trump

That there’s racism in this country is nothing new, but what’s new is how emboldened people are right now about expressing it. Read more

10 Characters From Fantasy Fiction That Inspire the Magick

There’s nothing wrong with a little escapism. We live in difficult time, and sometimes you just need to turn off the outside world for awhile. Here are my ten of my favorite characters from the realm of fantasy fiction (and TV). Read more

Two Witches at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

It’s not real Witchcraft, but the visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a magickal blast just the same. Read more

8 Ways to Celebrate Lughnassa/Lammas

Corn dollies, the first fruits of the harvest, the god Lugh, and John Barleycorn are just some ways of the way to celebrate Lughnassa. Late July/early August is literally a time ripe for celebration! Read more

Southern Fried Paganism

The American South has contributed enormously to Modern Paganism, and continues to do so. Read more

A Wiccan-Witch (and Sometimes Pagan)

For the most part these days I’m really content with just being a Witch, but if you need something more specific than that, I’ll happily tell you I’m a Wiccan-Witch. Read more

What Makes a Witch?

Witchcraft is something we feel in our hearts, it’s not something that can be conferred upon another person like a title. Read more

Finding Cernunnos

“But he doesn’t have any myth,” I would say when someone asked me about Cernunnos. To myself I’d mutter “How can anyone worship or honor a god who doesn’t have any myths?” The idea just didn’t make sense to me. Read more

All That Dies Shall Be Reborn

Most rituals involving those who have left us are about “letting go” but I’ve never understood this. Why would we need to “let go?” Don’t we love the people we’ve lost just as much as we love those still with us? The souls of the dead should not just be “set aside,” when someone passes. Read more

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