Wicca and the Idea of Duotheism


The term “duotheist” is sometimes used to describe Wiccans, but is it accurate and where did it come from? I have yet to meet anyone who describes themselves as a duotheist, but i do understand why some might label Modern Wicca in such a way. [Read more...]

Playlist: Spring


About ten years ago my wife designed an Ostara Ritual that included coloring with crayons and other assorted “child-like” activities. She asked me for some music to fill in that part of the ritual so I picked out a bunch of songs that screamed “Spring!” to me. At that moment, a tradition was born. [Read more...]

Why Wicca?


Often lost in the discussions about Wiccan Privilege are the reasons why so many people choose the Wiccan Path and identify so strongly with it. That Wicca has become the largest Pagan Path in today’s world isn’t the result of some cosmic conspiracy, it simply works for perhaps millions of people. [Read more...]

Ostara Ritual 2014


An Ostara ritual without seeds or eggs! It’s a Spring Equinox miracle! A Witchy ritual to welcome the dawning of Spring. [Read more...]

Shiva: Horned God of My Heart


People have been continuously worshipping Shiva for (possibly) over 5000 years. What does He offer to Modern Pagans who worship Him? More than most can imagine. [Read more...]

Standing at the Crossroads (Me and the Blues)


There’s no better place to contemplate the blues than at the crossroads. It’s at the crossroads where magic, myth, music, hoodoo and Robert Johnson all come together. [Read more...]

All About Witch Bottles


Witch bottles have long been used in various magical traditions. Read a little bit about their history and how to make your own! [Read more...]

Pagan Pipe Dreams (What Do We Hope to Build?)


What does the future hold for Modern Paganism? Probably division and argument, but what if we can get past all of that? Assuming some level of cooperation amongst each other, I think the future is bright, and that we are capable of great things. [Read more...]

An Interview with Peter J. Carroll


Peter J. Carroll is the legendary author of titles such as LIBER KAOS and LIBER NULL AND PSYCHONAUT. He coined the term “Chaos Magic” and has been a powerful influence on all things occult for the last thirty-five years. [Read more...]

Wiccanate? I Think Not.


I have met all sorts of Wiccans and have even read a book with the word “Witta” in the title. What I’ve never come across is anyone describing themselves as “Wiccanate.” [Read more...]