Mob Rules

“If you listen to fools, the mob rules.”

If you clicked on the Mob Rules link thinking you were going to get a dissertation on the greatest of the Dio-era Black Sabbath albums you are mistaken. This is actually a page about the rules of my blog. Raise the Horns is lightly moderated, which means the majority of comments get posted, but occasionally I may decide to delete something. If I delete something it’s probably because it broke one of my rules below.

I like comments, positive or negative (I probably like the positive ones more, but tend to learn more from the negative ones) so feel free to post away. I also like “knowing my audience” (not always in a carnal sense either), so if there are posts you particularly like please let me know and you’ll probably get more of them in that vein. Mostly, just read and have fun!

1. Nothing should be personal.
It’s completely fine to disagree with people, hell it’s Paganism, ask ten of us a question and you’ll somehow get twelve answers. However, a disagreement should never be turned into something personal. It’s fine to say something like “Jason, I think you are entirely wrong about Wicca being only 80 years old, let me explain why.” It’s wrong to say something like “Jason you are a dumb asshole for thinking Wicca is only 80 years old.” There’s a huge difference there. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we can’t respect one another, and disagreements on matters of theology or history do not make us mortal enemies.

2. Respect other faiths.
I’ve always maintained a very diverse readership, as a result I ask you to respect everyone’s faith. I don’t think that needs a whole lot of explanation.

3. Post like an adult.
THIISSS IS NOT POSTTING LIKE A ADULT!!!! Gods do I hate all caps, so please resist the urge. If your post has a lot of grammatical errors and/or typos I might delete it. I’m not a grammar-nazi, and I understand typos (you’ll see lots of them here), but if there is an excessive amount I’ll probably save you the embarrassment of having everyone else comment on them. Also, I don’t really care if you cuss a little bit here and there, but let’s try to keep things to a PG-13 rating OK?

4. Stay on Topic.
If you post something about your new blog in the middle of a hard cider review I’m probably going to delete it (unless it’s about hard cider). If you have something you’d like me to promote just shoot me an email about it, or leave me a message on whatever social media you use. If a conversation about Artemis ends up on a tangent about Athena that’s fine, just don’t tell us what you are having for dinner in the middle of it.

5. Be better than everyone else.
Don’t threaten violence against anyone, don’t bash groups, don’t bully people, etc etc. The smartest people on Patheos are generally the ones who post in the Pagan Channel, let’s keep that going.