New Satellite Soul Release

Satellite Soul
Straight Back to Kansas is ready to Rock

When we decided to record a new Satellite Soul project it had been several years since our last national release Ardent Worship. We had stayed away from the studio for many reasons but one of the main reasons is that we were struggling to find something original to say. Finally we came up with a compelling reason to make a record. This record was born from the simple vision to try and accurately capture in music where we find ourselves currently in our spiritual journey, and to do so without the slightest care for how this might be received in any commercial way. Always before we were trying to fit into certain pre-prescribed categories for pop-music. CCM, CHR, AC, Radio hits…these were the criteria for making decent records when we were aligned with a major label. With this record, we had no such criteria. All we had to do was reflect on our lives and express this artistically in music and performance.

The result is a pretty raw record. Lyrically this is a much more vulnerable project than our previous ones and musically, it’s pretty much alt-country. Personally, I’ve never written this honestly about the broken moments in my life. The songs on this project gave me a chance to just linger in those scenarios that find me at my worst, entertaining the darkest of thoughts and the worst of my humanity. I tried not to be too cynical; in fact a couple of songs didn’t make the cut precisely because they were to pessimistic. I think this record has helped me to learn that commercial art is intrinsically concerned with how it will be perceived. True artistic expression is ultimately self-indulgent. When it is done simply to explore the boundaries and precincts of our humanity, it seldom asks if it is “OK.” This record is a bit like that. We took more chances and made many more authentic moments than the usual stuff.

I knew we were into uncharted territory when I was playing a few cuts for a friend of mine in his car. He had already listened through the record but asked me “What is this song about?” Not really thinking I answered “It’s about killing myself if my wife ever died.” He was dying laughing and I guess it’s the first time I really tried to put into words the theme of every song individually. We just went through the record and did that for awhile. Bury me is the track and that really is what it is about, though only metaphorically.

I’m so excited about this new record. If you are so inclined, stop by our Myspace account and give it a listen. We have four songs posted there. The project is mixed and Mastered and the design is done. We are currently working on manufacturing the CDs, they should be available in early September. We’re working on distribution and some marketing plans – so far we have no plans to ally with a label. We are wondering what we should try and do for a release party…any ideas? Keep us in your prayers.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting for this one for a Looooong time! Great stuff. Will you be playing any of the new stuff at Heartland this coming Tuesday?
    – Dean O .-)

  • Tim-

    Congrats! I took a listen on Myspace, and it’s pretty good stuff!

  • Tim-

    Congrats! I took a listen on Myspace, and it’s pretty good stuff!

  • thanks Kevin, I should enlist your help in writing some of the press stuff. If you feel like taking a fresh shot at bio stuff, it is on the site…feel free!


  • Tim-

    What would you be wanting me to help you out with? Just re-writing the bio information? Or supplementing it in some way?

  • The new stuff on Myspacce sounds great. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the CD. I see you’ll be at the Cup in GB. Looking forward to the live sound

  • Well, I just ran across this. Very awesome news about a new record, seein’ as how I missed out on the previous indie release, for which I am still kickin’ myself. (Any still available?)

  • I just came across this blog and I must say I was a very big Satellite Soul fan back in the day. I was very excited to hear about the new stuff! I stopped by your myspace…Love it! You’ll have to swing by my myspce as well. I requested an add.

    Keeping you in my prayers,

  • Anonymous

    Tim – I never got back to you, but wanted to say thanks for the copy of the record – I have really enjoyed listening to it, bro. Great stuff.

    Tim Keel